Sunday, June 22, 2008


Lisa, the Villas Girl, and I celebrated the first day of summer yesterday. She called and asked me if I'd like to take a ride to see if we could find the osprey nest she'd heard about. Of course I would.

We took the scenic route, getting there. I love being a passenger instead of driver. I get to look around more.

The ospreys are nesting on boxes placed in the wetlands fairly close to the highway. I am surprised at the proximity to traffic, but it certainly makes for easier photography. When we reached the spot, both parent birds were on the nest. When we stopped, papa got agitated and circled us the whole time we were there.. Mama continued to feed their three chicks, and I got some fairly decent pictures. Lisa's camera is better than mine, and she got some really stunning shots. I'm sure she will post some soon.

When we decided to move on, I told Lisa that we were not far from Hereford Inlet. We decided to go there before heading home.

The gardens are
well established now. I think they will be lovely, as usual when they have a chance to do some more growing. Right now there are lots of lilies everywhere. There are also some hollyhocks - one of my favorite old fashioned flowers.

We also got an added surprise. Lisa started clim
bing the steps to the lighthouse entrance, when she said, "Is that a duck?" It was. A female mallard was walking back and forth in the garden under the steps. Lisa continued into the gift shop, and spoke to a woman there, who immediately grabbed a bag of grain and ran out to feed the duck. It seems that Mr. and Mrs. Mallard appear there every year. They never bring their babies, but one at a time shows up for a hand-out.

The duck enjoyed her meal for a while, and then walked over to a garden hose which was coiled up near the building. The woman called a gentleman to come out,
and he went to the hose and turned it on, making a puddle for the duck to drink from. She was very territorial, chasing away the pigeons who tried to join the party.

We had a lovely afternoon.

As always - click on pictures to enlarge.


Dianne said...

Sounds like a perfect afternoon.

I love how well attended to the duck is!

Judy said...

I love hollyhocks. They remind me of my childhood. My mother had them everywhere. Regarding the cats, I have several that come to my yard often and try to catch my birds! Sounds like you all had a great day.

kenju said...

You had a nice outing, didn't you? The link to Villas Girl doesn't work for me.

Coy Hill said...

Wonderful that you had an opertunity to visit an active osprey nest. They are amazing birds brought back from the brink of extinction.

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hello! This was an enjoyable day. We are going to have to find another adventure to go on. Well next time a storm comes through, we'll have to do a little storm chasing. Lisa

bobbie said...

Sorry about the link to Villas Girl. I fixed it. She's also on my blogroll

KG said...

Don't you just love ducks? There's something about ducks that always make you smile . . . the cute little waddle and the cute little ducky noises and ducky feet.

Great pictures!

me ann my camera said...

It sounds like a wonderful outing and one that I would also enjoy very much. It is surprising sometimes how close Osprey nests are to traffic and easily accessible to people. I know of one in the middle of a park where there are all sorts of festivities going on, yet it contines to be in use each year. I love the duck and its demands, for food and for a water puddle from the hose; very funny. Nice reading of your day.

Bear Naked said...

What a perfect way to spend a summer afternoon.
Can't resist saying it.
Lucky Duck!

Sandpiper (Lin) said...

This sounds like a wonderful way to spend a day. Your pictures are beautiful. I love seeing Ospreys as much as I enjoy seeing Eagles. They are so majestic and graceful in the skies. It must be so much fun when you and Lisa get together!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a fine time. I'd love to see ospreys. Amazing.

Unknown said...

The osprey is awesome. But that flower photo - wow - is that gorgeous!

Sounds like a great time! I wish I had a blogger as lovely as you close enough to get together with!

I'm glad you had a fun time!

Yours in peace,

Linda Murphy said...

What a ducky afternoon! You have some truly striking photos abounding here!

Anonymous said...

The duck must have enjoyed it's time there!

Kathie Brown said...

Sounds like a lovely afternoon. So glad you got to see the osprey!