Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nature Lover

There is a huge difference between the average, every day, nature lover - like myself - and the fanatic. I truly love Nature. I enjoy nothing so much as hiki
ng woods or fields - or cliffs, if I'm luck enough to be in California, breathing the fresh, wonderful air, viewing flora and fauna, water and countryside, listening to the birdsong and all the other marvelous music of the out-of-doors. (You do understand, I am now speaking theoretically, since I am no longer really able to do these things.) But occasionally I have made the mistake of joining a group led by people like the head of this or that local organization. Uh-uh. These people make me feel very ill at ease. I start believing that I'd better listen carefully and be sure to remember it all - there may be a test later. No. I would much rather wander along in my own quiet, uninformed way, appreciating what God put here for me to see, and put me here to see. I want to thank Him, not Mr. or Ms. So-and-So from the organization.

Please don't misunderstand. I am grateful for those organizations and those good people who have learned so much more than I about the names of birds and flowers and their habitat and habits. I do like to learn about them myself, from books or the internet, or in conversation one-on-one. It's just that when I am out there, I just want to be there - me and Mother Nature, peacefully absorbing it all. At times like that I don't want instruction. I want to be allowed to discover things on my own rather than having my attention drawn to this or that. I want the adventure and excitement of finding it for myself.

Can't do so much of it these days, but Hugo and I do manage once in a while. God bless whoever invented the Hugo. Without that walker I'd be stuck in the house and have to rely on my computer to show me the Great Outdoors.


Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hello! I understand about being "One with Nature." I enjoy my walks. It is a time for me to unwind from a pissy-ass(sorry) day and just take in the sights and sounds of what Mother Nature has provided for us. I have found it very relaxing walking along a trail, hearing a bird and trying to find where it is. Or see a swan or duck family in a lake swimming around without a care in the world. Or like the one day seeing crabs in what was thought to be a freshwater lake. I have enjoyed the people that I cross paths with. A short little chat and our separate ways we go.

On occasion, I do enjoy the company of others more knowledgable then me. However, because they are "Nature Lovers" and know the names of every bird there is, I end up with a blank stare on my face because I don't have the faintest idea what they are talking about. But this is fun and a learning experience.

So one of these days when it cools down, you, Hugo and I are going to the Point. We will walk together or go our separate ways then talk about what Mother Nature has provided for us this time. Lisa

Kathiesbirds said...

Bobbie, wherever hugo, I go! (sorry, I couldn't resist!) If I was there I'd go for a walk with you and we could comfortably enjoy the day in silent companionship. I do love to learn all about nature and the names of what I am seeing, but I agree that sometimes it is just good to FEEL it, to be in it and experience it. Since writing my blog I can get so caught up in having to document everything. I have to remind myself sometimes to just enjoy the day. Thank you for this.

Judy said...

I love to be alone with nature. It is so peaceful and I feel close to God this way.

Lily Hydrangea said...

I am so much the same way. especially in my garden. I have a couple of garden books, but I never read them. I'd rather be in it observing. the plants are my teachers.
nice post Bobbie.

Deborah Godin said...

I know the feeling. I used to go birdwatching with people more advanced (called gunslingers)than me. They would call out each bird they saw so fast, I never got to identify it for myself, or savor it either, so I am now a solitary bird and nature watcher, too, unless I find someone who agrees to go pretty much "wordless." Love the lily pond!

Abraham Lincoln said...

Really a nice set of photographs.

Crayons said...

Hi Bobbie,
I'm just back from a vacation up north, and it's time to catch up. So many things to say! I love the Obama icon in the sidebar -- you are so computer savvy. I also love the monarch migration. We saw hundreds.

I love your post about the ocean view and the dunes.

Finally, yes, you and my dear mom would have gotten along so well.

quilly said...

I know exactly how you feel. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest. My father was a logger and we would spend every summer camped on the side of some mountain. Some of my best days were spent sitting beside a creek with a fishing pole in one hand and a novel in the other.

Singing Bear said...

Hi Bobbie. I'm back to a little blogging. I like your recent posts. My old blog is long gone but I have started up a music video blog at

Hope you'll pop by. See you soon.

CrazyCath said...

I am so glad you get out and about too because I like to enjoy the country the same way as you. And marvel at God's creations without my thoughts being interrupted as I discover new stuff at each step.

Great post. Over from David's at authorblog.

me ann my camera said...

Bobbie, I know exactly what you are writing about for I am a `do-it-myself-learner`, and with my camera and my own private collection of nature guidebooks I can get totally absorbed in enjoying and identifying my discoveries and have developed quite a storehouse of nature knowledge. However, not having had even a basic biology or botany course I sometimes feel uncomfortable around those knowledgeable experts whose world revolves around their hobby. Like you I enjoy nature on a basis of my own personal involvement.