Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Memorial at Leaming's Run

 A memorial for Bobbie happened this past weekend at Leaming's Run Garden in Cape May County, NJ. It was just the kind of weather my mom would have loved - cool, breezy, the rain held off just long enough.

The garden we chose for the ceremony was looking really beautiful. We posted excerpts from some of her writing around the garden for people to mill about and read before we gathered - a few that were stories that appeared here, as well as from the other pages of writing she left us. We compiled those snippets along with others and some of her toons into a booklet for people to keep. Essentially, she wrote her own memorial. Part of the ceremony also included positive news bits that have come through in the last couple months on some of my mom's causes over there in the sidebar.

I took this picture of a hummer just after things wrapped up in the garden.
There will soon be a memorial brick with Bobbie's name, dates, and a silhouette of a humming bird in the path at the entrance to Leaming's Run.

I think Bobbie would have loved to have seen Isaac running down the paths of one of her favorite spots.

Peace to you all, Kitty


Sylvia K said...

Thank you so much for sharing this, Kitty! What a beautiful and perfect Memorial for Bobbie! And, oh, yes! She would have loved to have seen Isaac running down one of her favorite paths! Such a wonderful photo of him! Again, thank you for sharing this. I do think of her and miss her.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Thanks for letting us know.

Peace and love,


Daryl said...

I am sad I wasnt able to get there and share this with you in person ... I am sure she was there in spirit as was I ...xo

Rambling Woods said...

I would really love to get a copy of the booklet if that would be at all possible. I keep Bobbie's memory alive on my blog and have added her list of concerns to my own...what a wonderful woman she was....Michelle

Kitty said...


Yes, absolutely. I can send you a booklet. Do you still have my email? Send me your address.

If anyone else is interested, let me know.


Unknown said...

What a fitting memorial for Bobbie. She would've appreciated every moment. I love that you were able to photograph a hummingbird. I always think of Bobbie when I see them. I don't think I ever knew anyone who so adored them as she did.

Isaac is looking for grown up and handsome. It's great that he sees a tribute that celebrates his grandmother's life. That is a very good thing for a young person.

Peace and love to you and your family, Kitty.


Lisa (Mountain Photog) said...

What a beautiful service! And how wonderful that the hummingbirds attended. I'm sure she really enjoyed that. :) said...

What a sweet tribute you made for your Mom. & how perfect that both Isaac and the hummingbird were there to witness it.
I am sure Bobbie was smiling from heaven.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kittie

I hope you get this. I've been away from the blogging world for 7 months and just returned. You mom was one of my favorite people in Blogland. Such a gentle spirit.

Shady Gardener said...

I'm sorry. I've not been to visit for such a long time... This was a very nicely done post. I very much enjoyed her writings and visits.

Sandpiper (Lin) said...

I've been away from the blogging community for a long time, due to a number of personal issues. I'm very sad to read about Bobbie's passing. For many months, we visited each other's blogs on a daily basis, and at one point, Bobbie was kind enough to email me about some ideas she had that might be of assistance to me. She was a kind and lovely woman and I'll miss her. You have created such a beautiful tribute to her here. Thank you for sharing.

Rest in peace and love, Bobbie.

Kathie Brown said...

I have been meaning to come and read this post for over a year. I have seen it in the sidebar but put it off. Well, now I am here and so glad to see how everything went. I love it that you found a hummingbird there. she would have loved that! and yes, she would have loved to see Issac running down the paths! It's nice to think that as he grows into a young man he will always have this special place to visit and feel close to his grandmother. She was an amazing woman!