Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gotta Cheer Myself Up

It's kind of a down day. So I think I'll scatter a few flowers through this to cheer up.

The Senate Finance Committee killed the public option. Not that it was any surprise. I guess they have to meet their obligations to all those enthusiastic lobbyists.

My computer continues to slip away. I hope my son-in-law comes up with something for me soon, and that they actually get to travel across country soon so that he might do something about it for me.

At this moment the computer temperature is bouncing back and forth between 49 and 52. I don't stay on it very long these days.

Today I'm puzzling over what to do about the big old ugly bushes out front. I'll have to check with the landlord I guess, but I want to pull them out. I've lived with them way too long. Haven't decided what I want to put out there. Guess I should have that decided before I talk to him about it. I need something evergreen and low maintenance.

Meantime, I'm probably just down today because I didn't sleep well last night. I'm tired.

Ah well - tomorrow is another day. And at least my Montauk Daisy and my mums are doing well.

My Two Older Grandchildren

I know that I frequently post about my youngest grandchild, Isaac. His mother, my daughter Kitty, keeps me supplied with lots of information and pictures, and I often pass them on to my readers. But I do have two other grandchildren, Lisa and Joey, who live in New York.

When they were small we visited back and forth frequently. Those were the days when I thought nothing of jumping into the car and driving a couple of hundred miles, up the Parkway and the New Jersey Turnpike, across Staten Island, over the bridge to The Belt, and on out to Suffolk County on Long Island.

Those days are long gone.

I have rarely seen my older grandchildren for several years now. They are all grown up of course, and go their own way. I love them, and I miss them.

This time of year they both celebrate birthdays - Joey in September and Lisa in October. So in honor of those occasions I decided to do a post - mostly retro.

The first picture is of my mother, shortly before her death, my oldest daughter, Ruth (or Ruby, as Joey called her trying to imitate his father. She's been Ruby ever since.), and Lisa.

Next comes Ruth with Lisa.

Then it's me with both kids. Dear heaven! Did I really look like that?

This one is Joey at the age of two. Could he be cuter?

Ruth again, and me, and of course, the children. Lisa doesn't look too happy to be part of the scene.

Here are the two of them, a bit older.

I think this one was taken on my last visit of many to the Montauk Point Lighthouse. It's one of my favorite spots in the world. The first time I saw it was with my husband, before he became my husband.

And then, they grew up. Here is Joey.

This was taken at their Aunt Kitty's wedding.

This is me with all of my progeny (at that time - Isaac came along later.)

And this is Lisa on her visit to Greece.

So, you see, I do have three beautiful grandchildren, even though I seldom show you pictures of any but the little guy.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Autumn Leaves

Banned Books Week

My librarian daughter, Rita, tells me that September 26th through October 3rd is Banned Books Week: Celebrating the Freedom to Read.

It is sponsored by the American Library Association each year and celebrates the importance of the First Amendment, intellectual freedom to access information and express ideas. It is backed by many, and endorsed by the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress.

So by all means - Read a book this week!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mellow Yellow Moday

Drowsey Monkey is hosting Mellow Yellow Monday for us once again. Drop over and say thanks, and enjoy all the cheerful yellow photos.

Autumn is really here. I took these at a nursery on Route 47.

Ukrainian Sand Artist

My daughter, Kathryn sent me a link to this article in PRI's The World. I think it's fascinating.

This is sand artist, Kseiya Simonova, who was the winner of the Ukrainian Got Talent Contest. The video is about 8 minutes long.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday #71

Shadow Shot Sunday is here once again. Thank you, Tracy.

The summer is almost over here in the States, but I spent a pleasant afternoon in my son's yack yard. I found these shadows while I was there.

I noticed the shadow of a flower - and I do believe there is one of the bee that is heading toward it. I didn't notice him in the photo until I saw his shadow.

Brief Insurance Update

The woman from Coventry Health Care, AdvantraRx, Grievance Unit left me a voice mail message yesterday saying she had contacted my doctor's office and faxed him a form for the Prior Authorization. Of course, I know he had sent that way back in June, and it was denied.

I called the doctor's office myself to be sure I had my facts straight. I had. It's bad enough that they deny a doctor's prescription, but I can't believe they actually try to tell me there is no record of a complaint in my file. This is so absurd.

Anyway, he sent the form - again - and I sat down and wrote to the woman at Coventry so she would have it all in writing. I also told her I wrote to President Obama's office, and that I blogged it. Apparently they did react to the Congressional letterhead. Maybe the rest will mean something too. I can only hope.

And if you read Dianne's post today you will know how insignificant my own complaints are. Keep your sense of humor and imagination going, Dianne. It's all you've got to rely on at the moment. Aren't insurance companies just so far out of hand today? They have got to be reined in. They are filling their pockets while the rest of us suffer - and sadly, many even die because of their greed.

Friday, September 25, 2009

They Never Finish Digging

Since the gas company ran their lines down my side of the street, they dig up again every time someone on the other side of the street decides they want gas service. The little yellow signs appeared all across the front of my property the other day. Then I watched.

Yes, it says, "HAND DIG ONLY".

And then they dug.

Well, nothing blew up. This time. I can't tell you how many times they have managed to break water lines in the Township so far, causing all kinds of trouble for residents and disrupting businesses. One of these days it won't be water.

And the New Season Begins

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sick Computer

Just to let you know, my computer is not well. I've had to shut it down frequently because it's running very hot. Yes, I know what's wrong with it, but there's no cure for right now, so I won't be on it nearly so much for a while.

Could be it won't run quite so hot as the season changes and it gets cooler and drier. Who knows?

My last sign of the changing seasons - Took this the last day of summer. Still some people down at the end of Beach Drive in Cape May, enjoying the sun.

And as I was driving home, I discovered there is a cricket in my car. It serenaded me all the way home.

Sky Watch #63

My thanks to the great team who hosts Sky Watch Friday and coordinates everything so beautifully.

A couple of weeks ago I woke early, and when I looked outside I decided I really had to drive up to the Delaware Bay before breakfast. There had been a full moon the night before, and it still hung high in the sky. But first I looked to the east. The sun wasn't quite ready to come up.

and then came the sunrise -


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Think Green Thursday

Michelle, we are very grateful to you for hosting Think Green for us. I hope that more and more people will join us each week.

There are so many reasons why I am so passionate about preserving our planet and all of its beauty for our children and grandchildren. Here are just a few of those reasons

The sea turtle and starfish photos are from Monterey Bay Aquarium.

I Wrote to My Congressmen

I have written to my Congressmen many times about many things. When I do, I try to stay with the basic subject matter, and do not bring in personal details. This time was different. I was so frustrated and angry with my struggle to get my prescription insurance company to cover the medication that my doctor has prescribed, I just had to get it off my chest. I wrote about my own personal problem. I went farther than that. I mentioned that the members of Congress aren't all that concerned, since their own health care is well taken care of, that they are swayed by pressure from lobbyists, that I'm sick of their TV commercials telling us how they are fighting for us while they are obviously not addressing our needs. And then I added a paragraph asking them to do me the huge favor of NOT responding with a form letter. I said I'd rather not hear from them at all than to get a form about their gratitude for my interest and their good intentions. I also may have mentioned that these form letters always go on to extol their own accomplishments.

I am aware, of course, that the Congressmen themselves do not read all of their mail. That would be just about impossible. Maybe they read none of it. Staff members read it and, hopefully, tally up how many constituents feel this way or that. I guess the other two Congressmen took me at my word, and that's fine with me. They have not responded. Senator Robert Menendez, or rather, one of his staff, has sent me a handwritten note asking me to call him. This person has a title: Special Projects Coordinator. I guess I have now become a "special project". I called him to find out what he had to say.

He told me that they forwarded my letter to the insurance company, adding that sometimes, noting the interest of a Congressman may cause them to act. Or may not. They would also copy it to Washington.

Later the same day, I received a call from the insurance company - their department that handles complaints. The woman told me there is no record in my file of any complaint. That's strange, because I have spoken about this with their Customer Service Department, and if I am to believe my doctor, he has talked with them as well. The woman told me she would call my doctor and try to help me. We shall see. I don't expect a miracle, but I do appreciate the fact that one of my three Congressmen made some kind of gesture. It's getting close to the time when we are permitted to change insurance companies. If enough of their clients express dissatisfaction, I suppose it's possible they might make some concessions. So folks - write your Congressmen.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The End of the Season

In the shore towns of southern New Jersey, we all know the end of the season has come with the mass exit of tourists around Labor Day. School is starting, and those with children must hurry home. But the weather is the big predictor of fall, as a rule. This year has been a strange one weather-wise. But last weekend I decided to stop at my son's house to take a look at his pumpkin patch. I'd heard him tell about it, and expected to see lots of wonderful, big orange squash.

Sadly, most of his promising crop was gone. Some sort of fungus had taken over, and he was left with only a few pumpkins on the small side. He had dreamed of a record breaking season, and it had shown such promise. But it was not to be. Maybe next year.

It was a really beautiful weekend, and we sat for a while in his back yard in the sunshine and talked. Most of his vegetable garden was obviously "end of season", but my daughter-in-law's flower garden was still full of color, though showing signs of one final burst before it too would fade away.

We enjoyed the many birds that frequent the yard. For a time they made themselves scarce when a Cooper's Hawk stopped for a visit. But he soon became discouraged and flew off, and the others returned.

It was a very pleasant afternoon.