Monday, September 7, 2009


I am amazed, and more than a little humbled, by the number of visitors to my blog. You may have noticed the counter on my sidebar. It doesn't tell me who has visited, but it tallies the numbers from various countries.

Isn't the internet awe inspiring? It allows us to communicate with all kinds of people from the entire world, just sitting in our own living rooms! It allows me to visit anywhere I want to go, even now, when it's all I can do to get myself up the road 20 miles to see a doctor or do a little shopping.

That counter went onto my blog last November 7th. Since that time, people from 82 different companies have come to call. Twenty or so came just once, and didn't leave a comment. But they came! Someone in the tiny island country of Maldive came to see what I had to say. Eleven people - or maybe the same person eleven times - from China came to visit! I didn't think people in China were even permitted to use the World Wide Web. But someone did. There were four visits from Fiji of all places, and two from an unknown country in the Asia/Pacific region. And I'm quite impressed and pleased that I've had at least ninety visitors from India and seventy from Portugal.

Of course, I never have a chance to "meet" most of these people. Most do not leave any comment when they come. I hope they do make use of the translator I have placed at the head of the sidebar. I always am happy when I see one of those if I visit their blogs. But whether or not I ever learn who they are, I am just so thrilled to think that I have touched them for a moment, and grateful that they have stopped by.

Do you have any idea how many have come to visit you?


Sylvia K said...

I do have a counter on my blog that I can follow daily and it is remarkable. I generally have between 120 to 200 visitors a day, from all over the world, just like you. Not all leave comments on mine either, but many do and it is thrilling and fun! Can't imagine how I ever got along -- since I retired particularly -- without my blog! What a wonderful opportunity to learn about, to hear from so many people!

We're among the lucky ones that can truly appreciate how much this brings into our world!



kenju said...

Yes, I do, and I am constantly amazed at the number. My statcounter tells me many things and I try to check it once a month or so.

Kay said...

I keep a counter, too but it keeps dying on me and I have to re-install it. It is fun to see how many people come to visit though.

Daryl said...

I have a counter but I rarely look at it .. unless I am spammed then I want to know where the PITA came from

Rambling Woods said...

I don't know..I have a counter, but I don't look at is amazing that people come and read my blog. I really appreciate it....Michelle