Saturday, September 19, 2009

International Coastal Clean Up Day

Today, September 19th is International Coastal Clean Up Day.

Is it a nice day where you are today? How about getting outside and enjoying the end of summer. Take a trash bag and a pair of gloves with you, and stroll along the beach, the lake, the stream near you, and see how much of the summer's accumulated trash you can clear away. Make your environment clean and beautiful again. Take the kids with you and show them how it's done.



Rambling Woods said...

We are having some clean up done along some of the Lake Erie beaches, but you have to be careful as there is always some medical waste including needles... great huh?

Mimi Lenox said...


What an undertaking! Clean water is a blessing to all of us. I am thankful for people like you who are socially aware and proactive. Thank you.

I did receive your November 2009 peace globe. It's wonderful. You are #1485 in the Official Gallery.
It will post at on Tuesday, September 22.

See you on the 5th! Thanks for sending it in early!


Dianne said...

before the cane came along I used to clean up the creek down the road from me

I do go down there and check out the conditions and then call the town and bitch

they told me they didn't understand why that section was suddenly so dirty, I told them cause I had to stop cleaning LOL

they do send someone now

bobbie said...

bless you, Dianne. It takes a lot of bitching, doesn't it

Mimi, I'm only proactive these days by blogging. Can't get out there any more to do the clean up myself.

Kay said...

Really excellent idea. They're doing that in Hawaii also.

storyteller at Sacred Ruminations said...

Although I live here at the beach in Southern California, I confess I've never heard of this day but I appreciate you bringing it to our attention and I hope folks will follow your advice. As for me, I always walk the beach with a bag in hand ... picking up bits of glass and sharp-edged debris at the waterline (as my father did before me to protect the bare feet of others)... and trash wherever I see it. Thanks for the 'heads up' and encouragement ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...

Great idea!