Saturday, September 26, 2009

Brief Insurance Update

The woman from Coventry Health Care, AdvantraRx, Grievance Unit left me a voice mail message yesterday saying she had contacted my doctor's office and faxed him a form for the Prior Authorization. Of course, I know he had sent that way back in June, and it was denied.

I called the doctor's office myself to be sure I had my facts straight. I had. It's bad enough that they deny a doctor's prescription, but I can't believe they actually try to tell me there is no record of a complaint in my file. This is so absurd.

Anyway, he sent the form - again - and I sat down and wrote to the woman at Coventry so she would have it all in writing. I also told her I wrote to President Obama's office, and that I blogged it. Apparently they did react to the Congressional letterhead. Maybe the rest will mean something too. I can only hope.

And if you read Dianne's post today you will know how insignificant my own complaints are. Keep your sense of humor and imagination going, Dianne. It's all you've got to rely on at the moment. Aren't insurance companies just so far out of hand today? They have got to be reined in. They are filling their pockets while the rest of us suffer - and sadly, many even die because of their greed.


Dianne said...

thanks Bobbie
I'm keeping my humor and I am also hanging on to my belief in justice

I too feel that compared to others my troubles are light

my town is having another fund raiser for a family who is close to financial ruin because their child is very sick and their insurance company won't cover a mountain of things

they even denied a surgery because the hospital that has the right equipment is out of their network!!!

Kay said...

And still there are people who don't want health reform. It just boggles your mind.

Rambling Woods said...

Anyone who really needs health insurance coverage or SSD knows how scary and frustrating this is. And the right screams about making changes to health care....