Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gotta Cheer Myself Up

It's kind of a down day. So I think I'll scatter a few flowers through this to cheer up.

The Senate Finance Committee killed the public option. Not that it was any surprise. I guess they have to meet their obligations to all those enthusiastic lobbyists.

My computer continues to slip away. I hope my son-in-law comes up with something for me soon, and that they actually get to travel across country soon so that he might do something about it for me.

At this moment the computer temperature is bouncing back and forth between 49 and 52. I don't stay on it very long these days.

Today I'm puzzling over what to do about the big old ugly bushes out front. I'll have to check with the landlord I guess, but I want to pull them out. I've lived with them way too long. Haven't decided what I want to put out there. Guess I should have that decided before I talk to him about it. I need something evergreen and low maintenance.

Meantime, I'm probably just down today because I didn't sleep well last night. I'm tired.

Ah well - tomorrow is another day. And at least my Montauk Daisy and my mums are doing well.


Sylvia K said...

Oh, I do empathize with you, Bobbie! I seemed to have picked up Adam's cold and sore throat and I didn't sleep all that well last night either. But your photos are lovely! Love the colors in the last one! I'll keep my fingers crossed for your computer -- nothing is more frustrating or scary -- the idea of not having mine is enough to send me into the pits very quickly. I went through enough of that last year and I truly don't want to have to do it again!


kenju said...

I hope you sleep better tonight, Bobbie.

Unknown said...

I'm down over things like the health care issues and escalation for war in Afghanistan. These things sap us individually and collectively.

On low days I often want to have a go at getting rid, not of bushes, but of certain furniture items in my house that I don't like due mostly to their lack of function, but also that they are ugly (to me).

I hope the computer help arrives before we have to do without you indefinitely.

Good luck and hugs,

dianasfaria.com said...

I hope you feel better after a good nights sleep. & I hope your computer gets straightened out very soon. That sounds frustrating. I don't know what I'd do without mine.
Your flowers are very pretty too.

Kay said...

I'm so sorry, Bobbie. I've got a backup external whatchamacalit in case my present computer dies on me. Sheesh! I need to get to bed.

Dianne said...

hugs Bobbie
big big hugs

Daryl said...

Lovely flowers ... I slept but I am still tired, I think its the change of season ... hoping you get some rest and feel better

Mare said...

I am not sleeping well, either. And it does kind of drag you down. How do you know the temperature of your computer??

bobbie said...

On the lower right hand corner of my desktop, along with icons for date, volume, etc., is the number that tells me the temperature.

Rambling Woods said...

It's the time of year that we have to adjust to less daylight and it makes me feel down. Computer problems drive me crazy as I don't want to be cut off from the internet crazy at that sounds. I hope you can some help and figure out a solution to your bushes... Michelle