Thursday, February 28, 2008


One day last week, I started out for the supermarket. The wind was picking up, and when I looked up I saw the sky full of dark, threatening clouds in beautiful formations. I changed direction - something I seem to do a lot of these days - and headed for the bay. There is a stretch of Beach Drive that runs along the edge of the Townbank area of North Cape May that I always like to traverse from end to end whenever I get the chance.

I have watched this tree for thirty years. Every time I see it, lea
ning away from the water, battered by the wind, losing the fight a little at a time, I wonder how long it will survive.

The water was very rough that day. I actually shivered as I looked out to the west, and was very grateful that I was inside the car. These pictures were taken through the windshield.

At other times of the year I might be concerned if the wind was so high and the car windows were open. Just past the road where the land drops off sharply, it slopes down to the narrow beach, and is held together by a dense growth of poison ivy. It's a pretty plant, but even windborn poison has been known to make life miserable for me.

Each time I drive this route I look at the houses along the way - some of them year-round homes, and some for the summer people - and I marvel that they, and the road itself, still remain. Like the old tree, they are living on borrowed time. The history of the coast shows us whole neighborhoods that once existed, disappeared under the sea or the bay.

This day, the air was full of gulls, seemingly being blown around the sky. If
you click on the picture, you can see them up there.

At the e
nd of Beach Drive, the road is continued on the property of the Cape May-Lewes Ferry. You can drive to the end, where there are some picnic tables under a roof. Many, many people seem to like to gather there each time a ferry is leaving North Cape May or arriving from Lewes, Delaware. They wave to the passengers, and the passengers wave back, and the gulls swirl around above. I'm really not sure what that is all about, but they seem to get pleasure from it.

The day I was there, it was between arrivals or de
partures, so there were relatively few people in the parking area. I sat for a while in the car, then braved the cold wind to take a couple of pictures. Despite the stormy sky, the water in the channel seemed calm and when the sun managed to break through a little, it was sparkling.

There is a fascination in water, be it the ocean, river, lake or stream, or just a quiet pond. It's calming and soothing. We need that.

I would never want to live in a place too far from the water.


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful, Bobbie! And by clicking on those last two photos, I detected faint rays (aka 'angel rays'), streaming down and fanning out from the midst of that cloud canopy. What a nice area. No wonder you took a detour... Deb

Dianne said...

I love that ferry bobbie!

we spent some time at Ocean City and then drove to DC and then back again and onto the ferry and "up the parkway"

My son met Captain Lou Albano (of wrestling fame) on the ferry. When asked what his favorite part of this entire trip was he never mentioned monuments or the beach but just Capt. Lou LOL

Priorities I suppose.

What beautiful photos, please continue to change direction.

bobbie said...

Thank you, ladies.
Would you believe, I've lived here 30 years, and have never ridden the ferry. I would like to do it once, just to see the lighthouses. I have been on lighthouse cruises in the Delaware Bay, but never in the direction of Delaware.

Shelly said...

I'm with you, I have to be near water. When my husband and I were engaged to be married, he agreed that we could live on the water. He took his bride to this farm where there is a ditch/stream running the length of the property. Not exactly what I had in mind, although fish do spawn in the stream. Now I know why mama told me to be specific when talking to a man!
Love the sky/water pics...beautiful.

kenju said...

Wonderful photos! Thanks for braving the elements to take them.

We used to live 2 blocks from Chesapeake Bay, near where it meets the Atlantic. I don't think I appreciated then how lucky I was!

blah said...

wow. great pics.

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hello! I have lived here my entire life. Even though I don't go to the beach or bay often, knowing it is there and alway's will be is calming for me as it is for other. Wonderful pictures. I'll talk to you later. Lisa

Unknown said...

Really enjoyed the photos. The one where it looks like some light coming through the clouds is just stunning.

I agree about living near water. The big Connecticut River I see from my home never ceases to offer me pleasure, calm, beauty and mystery.

Thanks for a great post.

Sandpiper (Lin) said...

Beautiful pictures and you captured the mood perfectly. I love the shimmering water in the last picture. You're so right about water being soothing. We have a brook behind our house that I hear rushing all the time, and when I leave the house, I usually head for more water, whether it's Long Island Sound, the Connecticut River, or a local pond. It's nature's tranquilizer.

KG said...

I love cloud pictures . . . These are great and I love the mood!

jkluginbill said...

Wonderful pictures. I agree I must be near the water - the ocean, a bay, or a lake preferably...I grew up on a town on a bay and moved 20 minutes inland (as an adult). Every time I go home to visit and crest the hill to see the bay my stomach does flip flops I love it so!