Monday, December 21, 2009

2nd Day After the Storm

I'm still trapped inside. It doesn't really matter. I have no plans to try to go anywhere. Too cold and much too slippery for me.

I had thrown salt on the front steps early on, so when it stopped I was able to push most of it off the steps. It always worries me that a delivery man or someone else will take a fall trying to reach my door. But my days of shoveling or even sweeping are long past.

This morning my son showed up to clear my walk, and more importantly to me, the space in front of the mailbox so the mailman can reach it. The plow always manages to pile that space high. Joe had already spent part of the morning replacing his own mailbox. He said all the boxes along his street had been taken down by the county plows. I told him after he shoveled me out that he should build me a snowman, but somehow that idea did not appeal to him. He did agree to take a package to the Post Office for me. My oldest daughter's birthday is the 30th. (She tells me they have 26 inches of snow and 5 foot drifts.)

My brave little snowman decoration still seems to be smiling.


Anonymous said...

I think it is nice that your son shoveled you out. As far as the mailboxes go, I would think maybe the snow plow drivers must need glasses or were drinking. LOL

Daryl said...

He does look like he is smiling!

karin-wiseoldwoman said...

If I could find my blog I'd write about some of the snow experiences I had living 18 years in Rochester, NY. Here in Phoenix it's a little chilly at night, in the 40's but that forever sun heats things up by noon. If I were still a witch I'd fly you out here, Bobbbie, on my broomstick!

Anonymous said...

Good for you that you can stay safe and warm inside. ;-)