Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How Many Santas?

How many Santas live at your house? I can't even tell you how many live at mine. I have recently got rid of a few. I sent my grandson a few of the Santa ornaments that have hung on my tree for years. Since I am not putting up a tree any more, I felt he would enjoy them more than anyone. I still have those below, plus probably a dozen more.

The first are pictures of my son, back in 1981. They are a little fuzzy. They have been copied several times.


Then there is a picture of the Father Christmas known in Eastern Europe. When my daughter was teaching in Hungary for a year, she photographed him talking to some of the children.

This one by the lighthouse was a gift I received several years ago.

I bought a couple of these little guys after moving to Cape May County in 1978.

A few years back, one of the hotels in Cape May City had this fellow sitting on their front steps.

I painted this one. He's appeared on my blog a couple of times.

Santa left this one in my stocking one year. He winds up and walks.

This is one that I sent to Isaac. He's made of wood, and when you pull the string below, he moves his arms and legs.

Kitty brought me this one, made of tin, some years ago.

I have forgotten where this guy came from.

Kitty has given me several. I think this is my favorite from her.

Santas do come in all colors of course.

My son made this one, who sits on a shelf, dangling his little bells. My daughter-in-law painted it.

If I have one favorite of all, it's probably this one, stringing Christmas lights.

There used to be a lovely Christmas shop in Cape May, where I found this and the one above.

Another whose origins I do not remember.

The same is true of this.

Santa left me his likeness in a plane because he knows I love to fly.I usually find a plane in my stocking.

A very fat fellow who has been around 40 years or so, and is showing his age.

This Santa is from Webshots.com, and I use him for a screen saver.

Every day I seem to turn up another one - or two, or three. I love them all.

Can you tell, I had nothing much to do today. So I played with some of my Santas.


Anonymous said...

i love all your santas. i love the one you painted. what a wonderful collection you've gathered.


Riel Nason said...

I love Santas too. I have about 6 or 7 older ones, the kind that are stuffed dolls with a molded vinyl face. One is as big as me and is an old store display. My kids love them. I really like your Santa with the lighthouse. Your place must look very jolly with them all hanging around this time of year.

Dianne said...

you have a great collection
my favorite is the one you painted

Daryl said...

What a wonderful collection ..

Kay said...

I had such fun looking through all your Santas with you, Bobbie!

Rambling Woods said...

You have a wonderful collection. My best friend here collects Santas and I try to find a unique one every year. I found a great woodland Santa to give her this year. He hold many animals in his pack..Michelle