Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Before you begin - I apologize for the varying sizes of type. Blogger won't let me control that nor the placement of pictures
today. What's more, a friend tells me that what you see is NOT what I'm seeing on my computer, so I don't even know how to fix it . Sorry.

Some grandmothers carry around brag books with pictures of their grandchildren. I guess I'm using my blog instead. But now really - how can I not brag with a little guy like this?

No, he isn't like this any more. They grow so quickly that you can't believe it.

I think one thing that makes me happiest about this grandchild is that both of his parents are avid bookreaders. Not that there aren't many things that make me quite sure that he will have a very well-rounded education. First of all they are living on the California coast, and go hiking and camping and searching tide pools, they garden, they are interested in all sorts of cultural activities, they have pets. But first - they read.

And they read to him. This boy has a bigger library than I do. And he loves it. I know, I know. There may well come a time when he will rebel and decide, for at least a little while, that he doesn't want anything to do with books. Many kids do that. But I think this one has a good chance of avoiding that one.

At present, he is only interested in books with pictures. (He's only three.) May I give you a sample of one blog entry that his mother made a while back? It's a short one:

Friday, October 26, 2007
How Far the Apple Falls from the Tree

Isaac has been whining about Daddy all morning, so we
drive up to Mike's office and meet him for lunch.
We wander together into one of the lunch rooms that shares
space with a book exchange library. Isaac takes to the shelves
and begins flipping through mystery paperbacks.

"What's that book about?" Mike asks him.

"Words," Isaac says plaintively, placing it on the floor and
digging out another.

After a brief look, his fears are confirmed: "Dis one 'bout words too,"
he sighs.

I love it. Even when he comes to visit me,
we tak
e a trip to the local library, where
his Aunt Rita works.

I have made a couple of little tapes of
myselfreading some of his books, so
even though we are 3000 miles apart
he can sometimes hear Grandmom's
voice. His mom says he does listen
to them. I'm not sure how long
they will ho
ld his attention.

Of course, he doesn't spend all of his time with his nose in a book. I would hate to think he might
ever do that. He's a very busy and imaginative little boy.

Sometimes out of doors

And sometimes indoors, baking cookies

And today is his third birthday!

Guess what! I have two other grandchildren! And
I love them just as much. But they are now in their
twenties. Not so cute and cuddley any more, but
just as lovable. And when they
were the age Isaac
is now .... !

I don't have full face pictures of Lisa handy. They are in albums that I
cannot access right this minute.
But she was a little beauty queen for sure.

And her brother,
Joey, was a
real charmer
at the age of two.

I do have a picture of the two

of them that I can show you,
taken when they were just a
little older.

They are still beautiful people. Lisa works in
social services.

Joe is in construction. I don't want to post
current pictures of them without their permission.

And there you have it. All three of my grandchildren. If I spend more
time talking about Isaac, it is only because he happens to be in the
isn't-he-cute-learning-to-talk and oh-look-what-he-can-do-now stage.

I am blessed.

I have posted it before, but I think this quote is appropriate:

Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man. -
- Rabindanath Tagore


Lisa said...

bobbie. the quote you left is one of my favorites. It was nice to remember it. When I have the energy to sit and so some computer work, I will post a collage I once made with that quote. thank you so much. the boys and i will have a very hard day ahead of us.

bobbie said...

Before anyone tells me about it, the pictures and text of this post have been moved around since the last time I viewed it myself. It is not as I originally posted it, nor as I edited it - about 10 times. Don't know what's going on today.

Dianne said...

the photos are lovely! all of them but I absolutely adore the photo of Lisa. The color, the light, her balancing on a rocker, the cat looking concerned.

Just a wonderful image to go with a wonderful post.

kenju said...

The post looks fine to me and I love seeing the photos. Isaac is so cute and I love that he is so fond of books. Hopefully, it will translate to a love of books with words when he is older!

Anonymous said...

Bobbie - this was wonderful... the children, reminiscences and most especially, the reading references. ... Deb

Sandpiper (Lin) said...

This is a lovely peek at your family. The children are beautiful and your pictures are fun to see!

Shady Gardener said...

I've had a great time here. I enjoyed reading about your grandchildren. What a delight. I also really loved the quote.