Saturday, February 16, 2008

Where is Spring When You Need it?

This is what I keep looking for. Haven't seen anything recently resembling crocuses outside of this house. At the house where I lived seven years ago, now owned by #2 daughter, there will be crocuses and snowdrops and those little blue thingies I never could name, starting to bloom. They always showed their faces by Valentine's Day. I am longing for signs of Spring.

And in two and a half months more - heaven! Leaming's Run Gardens will be opening. This is a place that restores the soul. You can wander through, enjoying the log cabin home and barn with the kitchen garden; or you can head directly for your favorite spot and spend as much time as you like amid flowers, trees and birds, butterflies and dragonflies; or if you prefer, with frogs and fish and lily pads, with the occasional harmless snake, and a few chipmunks and squirrels scurrying by. I especially enjoy watching the many hummingbirds, my favorites.

You may encounter an Aprill family member, always willing to answer questions or just stop and chat.
I cannot now remember if I took the picture of the crocuses at the top of this post. I do not want to take credit for it. I do

The gardens opened the year my mom entered a nursing home located nearby. I can't count the times I left there following a visit with her, taking refuge at Leaming's Run, where I was able to regain my equilibrium after the strange experience of having Mom think she was a child and I was her mother. In the years since she has been gone, I still spend as much time there as I am able, from mid-May until mid-October.

If ever you find yourself heading down Route 9 in south Jersey, do yourself a favor and put it into your itinerary. (Those harmless snakes stay out of sight unless you sit very still and quiet for a long time. Even Villas Girl, who is terrified of snakes, loves Leaming's Run.)


Sandpiper (Lin) said...

The gardens are so pretty and really cheerful. We went searching for spring today. What we found is that a few trees are starting to show some little nubbly buds and the maple syrup taps are now in place. We saw robins last night at sunset, so I think spring will come soon. :-) Thanks for the cheerful blog today.

Bird Feeder Scott said...
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Bird Feeder Scott said...

Just found your blog for the first time! It sounds like you have found a wonderful place to relax and rejuvenate. I love visiting the botanical gardens around where I live as well. It is so nice to get away from the traffic and the noise of Los Angeles and just breathe. Great blog!

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

I was to Leamings Run a couple of times. What makes it so beautiful is when you come upon a garden there will be a sign on the path to tell you to stop. You stop and take it all in. When exiting the same garden, there will be another sign saying "Stop. Turn around." The same garden but a totally different perspective. There were chipmucks running around. What cool little creatures.
A friend of mine had her wedding pictures there in the gazebo.
Bobbie is right. If anyone is in this area, you have to stop. You won't be disappointed.
As for snakes. Luckily I didn't come across any. If I did, everyone in the gardens would have known. Have a good day. Lisa
PS: As always. Lovely pictures.

me ann my camera said...

This looks like a beautiful place and the photos are wonderful. We are avid gardeners and are anxiously awaiting that season when we share our first cup in the morning with nature; while wandering around in our gardens. I found some beautiful harbingers of spring today: fluffy white Pussy Willow catkins!! Spring IS on its way.

kenju said...

Love your pictures, Bobbie. My meme is up now.

Kitty said...

mom, put that picture up you took of the cricket on the flower.

bobbie said...

Some of you may notice that I changed the picture at the top of this blog entry. I suddenly had the thought that I may not have taken the picture of the crocuses I had originally posted. Just cannot remember for sure, and I don't want to take credit for it if I didn't take it. Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

Bobbie - Just back from a most delightful garden stroll, thanks to your posting. I feel renewed.

Re: The General... I haven't given up, I'm merely having a good sulk, between laughing at his, and his cohorts', wild antics. When the time is right, I shall strike.

LauraHinNJ said...

I often stop there on a spring trip to Cape May and always should I find myself in the neighborhood in August. Can't beat those hummingbirds!

Have you ever visited the habitat garden at CMBO's center in Goshen? Great place - a bit more on the *wild* side than Leaming's Run - but much more productive in terms of butterflies and other bugs.