Friday, March 7, 2008


I seem to be having a small problem today. I cannot access comments to my posts. Nor can I access the comments to other people's posts, so I can't tell you how great you are!

Hopefully, this problem will go away soon, as so many others have in the past. Meantime, if anyone has asked me a question and is waiting for an answer - it may be a while.

But the good news is - lying in bed this morning about 5:30, I became aware of songbirds outside. Haven't heard them in so long. This must mean SPRING !!!


Sandpiper (Lin) said...

Good morning, Bobbie, I think a lot of us are having some problems of one type or another with Blogger. BruceSC lost her comments recently, but after putting up some new posts, the comment boxes came back. You might want to try doing a "test" post to see if it clears the problem. Also, clearing your cache might help.

So glad you're seeing/hearing some signs of spring, too. It gives me hope that soon there will be flowers and leaves and beautiful colors again.

kenju said...

Now and then I find a blog to which I cannot comment - but after a week or so, it usually goes away. Hope it does for you too.

Cliff said...

Bobbie if I realized that I was hearing songbirds, my first thought would be to hope there were indeed songbirds somewhere close.
Thanks for the visit. You're a good one.

Dianne said...

Blogger has been eating some of my comments - just randomly. Frustrating I know.

how delightful to be serenaded in bed!