Monday, March 24, 2008


Got the letter re the Stimulus checks today.

Exactly how much money was wasted sending that to everyone? It is a useless piece of paper to be recycled along with the rest of the junk mail. It told us nothing - not even the mailing dates. At least they give us that much on their website. And where did the money come from? Three guesses.

Do any other seniors among you agree with me that the same thing is true of those big, expensive books they send us each year, supposedly telling us all we need to know about Medicare? Everything they say in those books about what is covered is just vague enough that they can never be pinned down to anything. Just maybe, if they saved a little on printing those, we wouldn't have quite so much deducted from our Social Security checks.

OK. I sounded off enough today. I'll try to be more cheerful tomorrow.


Shelly said...

The whole stimulus check thing is so completely rediculous...ayyeee....makes me crazy! There was a guy on the Today show this morning who said folks need to take that whole stimulus check and put it towards their credit card bills..I was cheering him on. I say if there is any left after paying their bills they need to set it aside for a rainy day emergency. Stimulus...hooey.

kenju said...

Boy, do I ever agree! Especially about the huge medicare books, and we get TWO of them! I tried to get one of them cancelled, but it doesn't do any good.

KG said...

Though I don't get the Medicare book, I am now on military health insurance and seriously . . . they send me MORE USELESS CRAP. Not that I'm surprised, but I really wish they would stop. *sigh*

Casdok said...

I have a disabled son and i cant believe the amount of junk mail he gets, especially for credit cards!

A Bishops Wife said...

My hubby and I said the same thing whe we got our letter about the "Rebate checks"-----they said NOTHING. It was a waste of money. However, I must admit I am looking forward to getting it.