Wednesday, June 9, 2010


On a rainy day, I decided to share a little sunshine.

My cousin Esther, in Ohio, sent me this lovely photo she took in her garden. She has orange butterfly plants, which came to her as a gift a couple of years ago. This beautiful fritillary butterfly paid her a visit, and she was taken with its match to the flowers. - As always, you can click to enlarge the picture.

I asked her if I might share it with you. Here is a closer look at the butterfly.

I have always admired butterfly plant, and this year I ordered some myself, along with a few other plants. Sadly, the nursery did not include it with my order, but substituted something else. I'll have to try again.

For this year, I will have to wait until my three year old butterfly bush comes into bloom. It's flowers are lavender. For orange color, this year I will rely on the daylilies and my nasturtiums, which are just starting to bloom now.


Daryl said...

I am sure you know you can add the nasturtiums to a salad .. tasty ..

kenju said...


Do you remember the song by The New Christy Minstrels back in the late 60's or early 70's? "Stomp through the Nasties". It was a take off on Tiny Tim's Tiptoe Through the Tulips.

me ann my camera said...

The butterfly looks beautiful. I took a picture of one today that looks very similar. I haven't downloaded my pictures yet or id'd it. but I will probably post it in a day or so. I find that butterflies love my pink coneflowers when they come into bloom. there is nothing like them for attracting butterflies to my garden. I love butterflies and draghonflies!

Unknown said...

Lovely! Thank you for reminding me to plant nasturtium next year. I have planted them in pots in the past but forgot about this year. :-)

blah said...

i dont know how you take those pictures. by the time i went inside, found my camera, put batteries in it the butterfly would be gone.

Rambling Woods said...

Beautiful Bobbie...I love the butterfly, I will have to look in my guide to see if I can find out the name....Michelle

Kathie Brown said...

bobbie, that first photo looks like a painting!