Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thinking Green

Michelle is thinking green again. Please go to Rambling Woods - The Road Less Traveled and see what she has to say this week. And please join us with a post or photo on this beautiful, green world of ours.

I am so longing for my garden flowers to start blooming this year. It's barely begun. Summer time in our part of the world is like heaven to me, with its flowers, butterflies and birds. But it hasn't really got a good start yet here.My youngest daughter lives in California, where flowers bloom all year 'round. For today's post I just want to dream about such a place. Here are some photos she has taken of her own garden - some from last year, some from this. Enjoy!

She grows beautiful vegetables too!


Dianne said...

the photos with the water droplets are so exceptional!!

Dawn Fine said...

oh my..that web with the water droplet photo is outstanding! You should frame that one!

Rambling Woods said... the water droplets... I just bought some fushia in containers...