Friday, March 14, 2008

It's Here At Last

I knew it would come, but I was getting so very impatient. Other people's gardens showed signs of it, but nothing was happening in mine.

But at last I think it has come.

Some of these are from my garden. Some are from my daughter's (which I planted when I owned the house so I sort of still feel the garden is mine - just a little bit).

It can only get better from here on.

It's amazing to me, how much my spirits are lifted by the sight of a few
flowers. I feel it when I see them anywhere,
but when they are in my
own garden, it's just the best ever!

Next it will be the flowering almond.

And what I enjoy the most is to find flowers that I have all but forgotten, suddenly springing back to life and surprising me.

The crocuses do that every year. Is it possible
that the squirrels move them around sometimes? Or is it just that I have
a practically non-existent short term memory? In any case, they always come as a nice surprise, showing up where I least expected them.

It's here! Spring has arrived at last!


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos.
Spring seems to comr earier and eralier here each year; then we get a sudden cold-snap and all the flowers that were fooled into waking up are frost damaged.
I must get our garden moving this year. You inspire.

Shelly said...

Oh, very pretty pics...spring has sprung!

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hello! Very pretty pictures. Yes spring is here. I saw my first red-breated robin on Wednesday. This is how I know spring is here. I do think the squirrels move some bulbs around. Last weekend when I went to see if the crocus in my mom's yard were blooming yet, I noticed along side the house move coming up. I don't remember planting them there and I know my mom didn't. Have a good one. Lisa

kenju said...

My spirits are lifted by them too, Bobbie and down here it is in almost full swing. Our Bradford pears are open and the tulip magnolias are blooming, as well as all the things you showed too. I love it!

Sandpiper (Lin) said...

What a joy to see the first flowers coming up! I still have a couple of weeks to go before I see any.

Anonymous said...

You are so far ahead of us. I can just now make out the tips of crocus foliage - NO color, yet. As for Narcissus and Forsythia... early to mid-April is more realistic. We had more snow this morning, but the cold rain washed it away - back to those spring time colors of brown and gray!

It's cold, wet and raw, with an easterly wind - Brrr! Thanks for a glimpse of good things to come... Deb

Mark Prime (tpm/Confession Zero) said...

I'm certainly ready for spring and you've got a jump on me, at least your flowers do.