Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Never Rains But It Pours

It's true - it never rains, but it pours. Daryl, of Out and About in New York City, has given me this Just Plain Fun to Read award, as well as You Make Me Smile.

No rules - just the awards. I LIKE it that way, and anyone I give an award to may automatically feel the same way. No rules - just - I like you and like what you are writing, so here's how I feel:

Lisa - Villas Girl - You already know that You Make Me Smile, so now here it is:
Your blog is Just Plain Fun To Read, so here's your award!


Anonymous said...

Here here! I totally agree, you have a delightful, entertaining and thought-provoking blog. I see in the margin you have a badge for the Monarch butterfly migration. That's the other big annual attraction here at Point Pelee (it's birds in the spring). Have you had a change to see the documentary on the Monarchs, called "Four Wings and a Prayer"? If not, be on the lookout for it, it's a really wonderful film that will uplift you and break your heart a little, too. Oh, and P.S., the guy that sings to the puppies says "Let's go to bed" at the end. I went back and put that on my post it since it is so hard to hear. Cheers,

Ralph said...

Lisa does write some good stuff. And thanks for my award below.

Bear Naked said...

Your blog is "Just Plain Fun to Read" and your photos are awesome also.
Your blog deserves every award that is given.

Bear((( )))

Daryl said...



Mental P Mama said...

Congrats! Very well deserved.

bobbie said...

Thanks, Deborah.
No, I haven't seen Four Wings and a Prayer. Do you know who puts it out? I have seen one on PBS. Wish I had recorded it.

And thanks to the rest of you.

Ralph, you're more than welcome of course.

Dianne said...

Lisa is the best, as you are bobbie!

I love the award Daryl created, and I love that it is making its way around

Anonymous said...

Another award! Marvellous!