Friday, July 10, 2009

The List Keeps Growing

My Reading List, that is. The size of my blogging community. It has grown to be quite unmanageable. Although I have been retired for close to nine years, and in theory have "all the time in the world" to myself to do as I please, there really is not time for me to read all the blogs I want to read, and to respond to them.

I am sure I will always find the time for those select few whom I have come to love so dearly. They will always be my "best friends" on line. But there are so many out there who are so wonderful. I find more every day. Within the past few days I have discovered four more that interest me very much: Celeste, of Into the Moonlight; Shirley, of Mother Nature's Garden; Karin, of Wise Old Woman; and Debbie, of Tea and Photos. And the memes that I enjoy being a part of keep growing in numbers of participants, until I can no longer manage to visit every one of them. I now have to choose which of these wonderful people I will read today, when I want to read them all.

And then there are my own posts. This is my 647th !!! How is that possible? When did I become so full of myself that I thought I had this much worth saying? Could it be that I have so little to do with my time these days that I just ramble on and on like so many other elderly people? Some of my posts have been nothing but inane nonsense I'm sure.

Well, what I started out to say this time was that I need the understanding of my readers and forgiveness if I do not comment often on your posts. I really want to. There just doesn't seem to be time enough.

Post #648 today is going to be worth reading. My friend, Eileen, just sent me an email that I am sure is worth your time, and I am going to publish it here.

And THANK YOU. Your posts and comments and all of the amazing, fascinating, interesting information and photos you give to me every day are what keep me going.


Dianne said...

blog without obligation

it's my motto

you're a wonderful friend to so many and do so many great and informative and important posts - plus the fun ones

do what you can, when you can

Happily Retired Gal said...

Boy do I relate to THIS ... and I agree with Diane ... blogging w/o obligation is the only way to maintain sanity for (as a happily retired gal myself) there never seems to be enough time for everything ... perhaps because I don't move as quickly as I once did and because I have such wide and varied interests. I'll return later to check out the last column, but for the moment I'm trying to check out SKIES in the minimal time I have available to me. I just couldn't resist stopping to comment here. Your pastel skies today are LOVELY ... so different than the ones I've watched today as I sat on my patio to write this morning ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

karin said...

Thank you Bobbie for commenting on my blog and even mentioning it on your post. I'm really not a wise woman just wiser than I was when I was younger and thank you for all the wonderful links and just knowing that you and other older women wiser than I am are out there for me to follow and possibly even to contact.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, Bobbie and it's a blessing for all its readers. Don't feel bad about not being to comment as often as you'd like - it's probably a problem for all of us and it really doesn't matter. Keep doing what you do and many thanks for that.