Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Think Green Thursday

Think Green Thursday is now hosted by Michele at Rambling Woods Green.

This morning I started down my reading list, and came to Tootie's blog which she writes from her home on Sanibel Island. She takes us on her walks along the beach, checking on the sea turtles' nests there. Their nests and eggs are protected as best they can be, but the beach is also open to vacationers. Today her photos and video of the beautiful dawn made me sad, because they also showed me so much debris and minor destruction left behind.

My friend, Gina, printed this cartoon not long ago. I had seen it and saved it myself when it was published on Earth Day. So true!

We humans are so concerned with our own immediate pleasure and entertainment that we ignore the very reason for our own enjoyment.

We visit the beaches or the mountains or wherever we choose to go to find relaxation and fun, because we find those particular places beautiful and pleasurable, and become so wrapped up in ourselves that we become carefree and careless. Sooner or later we return to our favorite spot for another vacation, and look around telling ourselves, "It just doesn't seem as nice as it used to be." It isn't as clean or as free and open, or whatever. No. It isn't. Because we have spoiled it - for ourselves and for others.

I was very much aware of this when I worked for many years for our local municipality, in the Land Use Department. What really brought it home to me was the Dune Review procedure. People would buy property on the water, and come to us with applications to build in the dunes. It amazed me to hear their plans. They wanted to have large homes, complete with garages and swimming pools and decks where they could watch the sunset over the water, etc. - and they wanted to achieve their dreams by destroying the very things that had brought them there. There are ways to build on the dunes without destruction of course, but it costs more money than most of these people were willing to spend.

From sunrise over the ocean

to sunset over the bay -
our world brings us so much breathtaking beauty and pleasure. Why do we not learn to appreciate what we have and try to preserve it? Why can we not enjoy it without carelessly destroying it? It will not survive our carelessness - even in our own lifetime - and will not remain as we remember it for our children and grandchildren, unless we stop and think and take the time to clean up before we leave our favorite vacation spot.


maryt/theteach said...

I love your sunset pix, bobbie! It is a shame that such debris turns up on our shores. I find that it happens at Jones Beach and Robert Moses State park - two places I go to. :(

Mare said...

I watched an Oprah show that had video of the status of the oceans. It was horrible. I think it comes down to money...politicians unwilling to pass laws that will benefit Mother Nature because of the cost...both in the wallet of the general business/public as well as possible losing their jobs.

Unknown said...

beautiful images.
You are a lady after my own heart. I am a "tree hugger" big time. We live on what my daughter calls, "God's mountain" and there is no where I'd rather be. One day we humans will wake, look around, and ask, "What happened?" It will be too late then. I cry when I see this world hurt. Whether is be the earth herself or the living things on her. All I can do is my small part and hope for the best. Thank you for caring.


at the cottage said...

our photos are stunning and I also live in a tourist area. I was a seasonal resident all my life permanently relocated at the cottage.
Don't even get me started on the dunes and the waterfront monstrosities putting such a huge strain on the environment and them crabbing! The dunes are so fragile

You have a wonderful blog. I will be back

Deb tea and photos

CJ said...

I enjoyed your post. I wrote a comment on Rambling Woods about eco-friendly fireworks. My point was that for fleeting moments of pleasure (such as fireworks) we are polluting---and in my opinion, wasting money that could be used for more productive endeavors. I remember when Jimmy Carter was trying to pass laws to save the earth 30 years ago ---not much progress in all that time. There are times when my husband and I (both in our 60s) are glad that we will probably not live to see the total destruction of the environment.

Daryl said...

I always enjoy your posts .. and these photos sure add to it! You make excellent points.

Rambling Woods said...

Oh Bobbie..I ask myself similar questions every single day..I say people aren't educated and my husband replies that they don't care. I guess I am the optimist that there is still time to teach people and that they would care if they just understood how important it is.. My husband still says they don't care...I hope I am right and fear that I am wrong...Michelle

amanda said...

your post makes valid points, sooner or later actions like these catch up with us.... then what?
happy TT!