Friday, August 21, 2009


I am so weary of hearing ignorant people, distorting facts and misinterpreting words - trying to stir up hatred against someone who is just trying to do the right thing.

My thought - How come the richest country in the world, so far advanced in technology and medical knowledge, is such a miserable failure in providing good care for its sick and elderly, compared to many other countries with far less?

Answer - We are morally bankrupt.

As I see it, there is just one way to turn this around - And, no, I don't imagine it will ever happen. That would be for new legislation to be passed stating that every member of Congress shall be covered by exactly the same rules that apply to everyone in the U.S. - no better, no worse. If they and their families were not safe and secure with their own comprehensive health care coverage, they would see to it very quickly that it was available for all.

Not a startlingly new idea Just a simple and rather obvious truth. Of course, the catch is, the people who would have to pass such legislation are the people who would be on the losing end of it.


Daryl said...

AND lets go take a look at what constitutes slander ... sadly the people perpetrating these lies are neither ignorant or uninformed .. what they are is dangerous and deliberately inciting those who are...

Barney Frank is my new hero .. did you hear his response to a woman who compared Obama and the healthcare initiative to the Nazis?

Dianne said...

Amen and Amen

I also want stricter regulations for large corporations - especially banks and insurance companies.

I think that somewhere in the past, probably during Regan's years many average people saw how the very rich were getting richer and how they had loopholes and special privleges and these fundamentally decent people started to get more and more frustrated.

and so was born the generation that started telling its kids to hunker down and care only about themselves, protect your little parcel at all costs

of course they are many other reasons

thanks for always being such a wonderful voice Bobbie

Elizabeth said...

You might be interested in what Reya wrote yesterday

She was saying that everyone is so busy shouting that no one is listening and thinking any more.

I was born in Britain and the National Health, though not perfect, (what ever is?!) is really pretty good.
MUCH better than the system here.
Happy weekend.

Anonymous said...

Morally bankrupt is a great description and I agree with your post. The answer is, of course, the hospitals, doctors and care givers do not want to be told how much they can charge for this or that. They want things to continue, so they can soak everyone as much as possible.

We need universal health care. Socialized if you will. It is no different that "social" security or Medicare. We need it like we need an education for everyone, and the problem with education is tenure. We need to be able to fire bad teachers and replace them with good teachers.

Christine Gram said...

In the Italian papers they translated Obama's speech about health care reform. It sounds like a great start... but how's it landing there?

Kay said...

I agree with you completely, Bobbie. Abe also wrote a great post about needing health care. I just DON'T understand why those people are screaming about NOT providing health care for everybody in the U.S. Sad. said...

I often wonder how frustrated Obama feels dealing with the public.
Good post Bobbie.

Kathie Brown said...

bobbie, so sad but true!