Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Quick Up-Date - or - More Useless Information

Remember the scrawny Dr.Seuss plant over-wintering - as of last January.

Would you have believed it could turn into anything worthwhile?

Well, it's growing and here's the bottom of it.

And then the top, climbing toward the hummingbird feeder twisting itself around the pole.

But not a single bloom or bud.

Oh well, guess you can't have everything.


Daryl said...

the little vine that could .. its leaves remind me of a Wandering Jew plant .. do they flower?

Rambling Woods said...

Not a single some of my gerbera daisies.....

Dawn Fine said...

hee hee..well it is a green grower for sure..
hope u get surprised by some blooms!
Catching up with your blog and others..i have been internetless fo a while and here I am with a week or so of internet here in Montana before we head to Yellowstone with no internet..bummer.
So I will read more now..of what u have been up too. said...

wow! Bobbie! it had to be all of your nurturing.