Friday, August 7, 2009

National Lighthouse Day

Yes, there is also a day named especially for lighthouses. I have always loved lighthouses, so how could I let this one go by? I have published all of these photos at one time or another, but here they are again. Almost all of those in New Jersey, and a few of my favorites from New York and California - two of my favorite states.

First, New Jersey: Twin Lights of the Navesink, and Sandy Hook

Sea Girt, and Barnegat, and Absecon

Hereford Inlet, and Cape May

East Point, and two out in the bay: Fourteen Foot Bank, and Miah Maul

Then there is Miss Liberty, and moving on to New York, Jeffrey's Hook (Otherwise known as the Little Red Lighthouse under the Great Gray Bridge)

Fire Island, and the first I ever visited and my sentimental favorite, Montauk Point Lighthouse.

California's Point Sur Light Station, and Santa Cruz

Pigeon Point, and lastly sweet little Point Pinos on Monterey Bay.

It's hard for me to refrain from continuing to every lighthouse I've ever visited, but I think I will leave it at these eighteen.

Lighthouses are so interesting to visit. Many have small museums inside, almost all have gift shops and many are surrounded by parks or gardens. All make wonderful history lessons and you will find keepers or docents to tell you exciting stories of things that happened there long ago.


Sylvia K said...

Oh, Bobbie, I love lighthouses, too! And these are all so beautiful and interesting! What a great post! Thanks for sharing these!

Have a lovely weekend!

karin said...

One of the most interesting lighthouses I've visited was on the southwest coast of Australia on it's 100th birthday still floating on the originaly mercury that never wears out.

karin said...

The lighthouse I mentioned in my last comment is the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse in Western Australia which can be found on the web.

Barb said...

Hi Bobbie - I came for your SWF, but will comment here - I also LOVE lighthouses. You have quite a nice collection of photos (these would have made a great SWF, too!)

Michele said...

Gosh! You came up with a lot of lighthouses!! We don't have any except for one small one on a big lake about 4 hours away from here... not active anymore, of course, but it's a lighthouse!
Great post!

Mostly Silent Partner said...

Nice pics!