Monday, January 25, 2010

A Department We Could Use

Did you see this one in The New Yorker? Don't you agree that this is one new department we could really use?


Sylvia K said...

Yep, we surely could!!! Have a great week, Bobbie!

Sylvia said...

No, I didn't get to see this - this is very funny Bobbie!
Regarding your post about your daughter & her watch, my Mom used to have that problem with her watch too. I have to ask her if she still does.
Interesting responses you got eh?

Daryl said...

Last time I heard one of those arrogant talking heads refer to 'not connecting the dots' I wanted to send him a box of sharpened ticonderogas

Rambling Woods said...

I didn't see that one and we get the magazine. It does seem like our agencies should be able to do that but it seems to be one turf war after another...Michelle