Sunday, January 17, 2010

Credit Cards to Contribute to Help Haiti

Thanks to The Pagan Sphinx for a heads up on this.

Don't let any part of your money, intended to help Haiti, to to the Credit Card Companies and banks.

"Subject: Another thing you can do to help in Haiti


Haiti has been devastated by a massive earthquake. Americans are opening their hearts and their wallets to help. But credit card companies see this as an opportunity to turn a profit.

They take a cut every time Americans use their credit card to make a charitable contribution. Isn't that outrageous?

I just signed a petition to the CEOs of all the big credit card companies telling them they need to refund this fee for all the donations to aid organizations working in Haiti and get rid of the fee for all charitable contributions going forward. Will you join me?"


Sylvia K said...

Why am I not surprised??? Thanks for the heads up, Bobbie.

Sylvia said...

this is so important, I will do!
My son has a friend in school who just lost his cousin in the earthquake. He has another friend who has a cousin who will be moving to the U.S. because the schools are destroyed.
Our church had a basket for Haiti by the door as we left this morning-it was filled with 20 & 50 dollar bills.
Our reverend said we can not forget Haiti, they are going to need our support for a long time.
I think he is right.
Thanks for this post Bobbie.

Rambling Woods said...

You are always out there looking for some way to help Bobbie..I will go check that out..I thought one credit card did that...maybe I'm wrong on that..Michelle

Lisa (Mountain Photog) said...

It's good you're on the ball with this, Bobbie! Good news, though, according to Rachel Maddow's Twitter page, as of January 14th, AmEx, VISA and Mastercard are all waiving fees for charitable donations for earthquake relief. The masses have made a difference. :)

Kay said...

It's sad when these corporations use a tragedy to make more money. They should be ashamed of themselves. I'm sure they then give themselves bonuses.