Sunday, April 18, 2010

Family Visit

Is it all the kids of this generation, or is my grandson truly as amazing as he seems to me? Five years old. His vocabulary astounds me. His imagination soars. He talks on and on, making up stories, songs, games. Sometimes, when I start to explain something to him, when it seems to me that a five year old would require such explanation, he gives me that quizzical look of his, and sometimes says something like, "Or why not......" some other logical way to accomplish whatever it is. He does things like handling his mother's camera like a pro. And I'm sure he knows more about computers than I do. (Not that I know much.)

He is a ball of energy of course. That is common to most five year olds. His curiosity is endless. He seems to me to be wise beyond his years, almost always polite and compassionate and capable of quick, sensible decisions. When he meets a situation unfamiliar to him, he turns to his parents and asks quite clearly what he needs to know.

Those parents have much to do with it if course, along with the Montessori pre-school he's been attending for some time, where they teach their little charges self-sufficiency and responsibility, among other things.
I was very impressed on Saturday when we visited the local Alpaca Farm. The animals are usually a little shy and standoffish, but not with Isaac. They seemed as interested in him as he was in them, and accepted his offerings of grass through the fence. He was delighted by this.
This one leaned down to get a good look at him.

Of course, there is the occasional melt-down, as with any child. But Isaac is almost always a very happy little boy and a pleasure to have around

I'm very proud of my daughter, as I am of all of our children. I'm sure Ralph would be very pleased with them too. After all, he had a whole lot to do with raising them. Our other grandchildren were pretty wonderful too, but in the present world of technology and new things happening every day, this one of our youngest daughter's surprises me all the time.


Daryl said...

I think that volcano spewed love along with the ashes .. making this visit possible ..

2sweetnsaxy said...

Awwww, what a cute. Kids are wonderful. They're such great little people... little sponges! :-)

Dianne said...

I think he's pretty special
and I know the way he's being raised has a lot to do with it

fun photos!!

Anonymous said...

the apple never falls far from the tree. he sounds like a wonderful little boy..lucky you grandma. michelle