Friday, April 30, 2010

Today Is Save the Frogs Day

And you can go to to learn all about it.

Or you can go to Michelle's blog. She has a wonderfully comprehensive post today. I hope she doesn't mind if I quote just a little of her post. I don't think she will, because it is an important topic to her and I think she'd like to spread the word. I've been trying to comment on her post and ask permission, but Blogger won't let me do that just now.

''Why We Need Frogs
Stopping the current wave of frog extinctions is important for several reasons:

  • Frogs eat mosquitoes, ticks and flies that carry vector-borne diseases such as malaria, West Nile virus, dengue fever, lyme disease and leishmaniasis.
  • Tadpoles eat algae and therefore act as a natural filtration system that keeps our drinking water clean.
  • Frogs serve as food to a diverse array of predators including birds, reptiles, fish, dragonflies and monkeys, and the loss of frogs from the ecosystem would therefore negatively affect these species as well.
  • Due to their permeable skin that absorbs chemicals and pollutants, frogs are accurate bioindicators, providing us with an early-response system that can tell us when something is wrong in the environment.
  • Frogs are important in human medicine: 10% of the Nobel Prizes in Physiology and Medicine have come from research that depended on frogs. When a frog species disappears, so does any chance of that species improving human well-being.''
I wrote a post on frogs the other day, but she says it so much better. As you can see from the above, frogs are really very important to us all. Please do what you can.


Maia T said...

Lovely tribute to frogs, they are important and useful beings even if I don't agree with dissecting them.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you had a problem Bobbie..I am thrilled that you thought enough about frogs to pass the information along...Thank you....There is a movement to stop using them for dissection to as I noticed a comment. Happy Frog Day...Michelle

Maithri said...

Thank you Bobbie, for being so kind to the world,

May it return to you in manifold measure

Blessings of peace, M

eileeninmd said...

Nice post, it would be sad to loose any species including the frogs.

fini said...

oh yes, I reminded my students every now and then about this.. Over here in my country human cooks and eats frogs!! Terrible, terrible thing!! We're disturbing the cycle..

Carver said...

Good post for save the frogs day. They are such an important part of our world.