Saturday, May 17, 2008


This is sort of an addendum to my Tuesday post about the nor'easter. I'd said there wasn't much damage around here. Well, that's true, but last night I was talking on the phone to Villas Girl, who lives two doors down the street. She must have been out in her back yard, and happened to look up my way. She interrupted our conversation to tell me, Bobbie! There's a tree either in your yard or the one next door, leaning way over!

I went ouside to find there was, indeed, a tree, not leaning over, but out of the ground, roots broken through the fence, treetop resting along my clothesline. I can't tell without moving a lot of leaves and branches, exactly where it came from - my yard or the neighbor's. I kind of think it was growing on both sides of the fence. It's been there long before either of us moved in, and maybe grew up after the fence was in place, spanning the thing. Anyway, I took some pictures and called the landlord. Well, called the real estate agent who represents him. They're both really great guys, and I'm sure it will be taken care of quickly. I'm very lucky in that. I've heard lots of horror stories from people who have landlords who ignore everything, but that isn't the case here.

I have no idea if that tree came down in the storm, or waited until the drenching rains we've had and then let go. When I go out my back door onto the deck, I'm usually heading for the top of my handicap ramp, and I'm watching my footing, not looking out back. Besides, there's a sort of screen of small trees along the back of the deck, so I might not see beyond that easily. Oh well. It's there. One more casualty of the storm. I'm just glad it wasn't near enough to anything that could be hurt by it - or anyone.


Dianne said...

We had one old, old soul in our backyard that had to be laid to rest!

He came out of the soaked earth and we got the tree guys here just in time. They said the roots just couldn't hang on/in any longer.

I already have a dozen different trees chosen to replace this guy.

Glad nobody and nothing got hurt.

kenju said...

I'm thankful it didn't come down on your house!

KG said...

You ARE lucky that you 1) have a responsive landlord and 2) the tree didn't come down on your house!

I totally had a landlord from hell . . . oddly, he was a Catholic priest and when my AC flooded the apartment (eww) he was determined to REPLACE THE MOLDY GROSS WET CARPET instead of replacing it! That's how cheap he was!

I hate losing trees . . . even if they're diseased.

KG said...

Oh, PS that was me (Law Student Hot Mama) - I changed my name

Cliff said...

Get the chain saw fired up and surprise the boys with how you cleaned it up.

Debbie said...

Bobbie..I'm with Kenju! Glad it missed your house and you are okay.

My neighbor has 3 Bradford Pears she hasn't trimmed and I'm afraid they are going to fall on my favorite River Birches.

To get music on your blog, just go to and follow easy directions :) Holler if you need help!

Sandpiper (Lin) said...

Very glad to hear that the tree didn't hit anything on its way down. That must have been quite a storm. We had a lot of wind here and lost a few branches, but nothing major.