Thursday, May 8, 2008


I like this new scheduling we can do with our blog posts. It lets me set up Sky Watch Friday ahead of time.

Do hope you're considering a post on something to do with Human Rights on the 15th.

Here's a thought. It's been making the rounds of emails for a while now and it seems to make sense to me. If we're really concerned about the price of gas - just stop buying it from the biggest producers - and they would be Exxon/Mobil. Go elsewhere for it. If enough of us did that to the Big Guys - it could hurt them enough that they might lower prices.

Here's a good one. Villas Girl, as you may have figured out, is sort of like a second daughter to me - Well, I guess that should be a fourth daughter. She kind of looks out for me, which I do appreciate. Now she's complaining because my son repaired my car too well. She used to be able to hear my car when I went off somewhere or when I came home. Now she doesn't hear me. I'm driving The Stealth-Mobile!

My son was here th
e other night, putting in my a/c. As he was leaving, he got dive-bombed by one of my hummingbirds who had headed for the feeder, but was side-tracked by Joe standing too near it. He went buzzing past his ear, then swooped off. It was pretty comical.

The seeds I threw into the little extension of my garden are sprouting faster than I would have believed. I will have wild flowers for my butterflies in no time at all. And this time I do not have my neighbors nasty cats using the garden for a litter box, because I laid wire mesh over the whole thing. The plants can grow right through it, and the cats can't dig. In the past I've tried hot pepper and every other suggested deterrent, but nothing has worked. For now, my only complaint about the cats is that they continually walk through mud and then over my car, leaving their paw prints over the hood, windows, top and trunk. I've about given up trying to keep it anywhere near clean.

If I keep posting odd little things like this, I'm going to have to find a better title than "This and That" aren't I?

Well, at least today I managed a decent photo of one of my hummers.


Shelly said...

Wow, you got a hummer to sit still! That doesn't happen around here ;)

Ralph said...

A dive-bombing hummingbird now that I would have liked to seen.
Also, I am behind on my reading and posting and reading about blogger - I'm not sure what that new scheduling thing is you are talking about.

Anonymous said...

Evening ... not pretty sure if your SWF is about that fantastic beach ride or of this birdy ... I liked seeing these photos and also would like to say I will come back ... just in case you are preparing some surprise!

Dianne said...

love the hummer! so sweet

I'm planning a human rights post. I think it's a great idea.

love the sky photos as well, reminded me of a movie poster.

lisa would love my car, I'm surprised you guys can't hear me down there!

bobbie said...

She didn't sit still very long, Shelly.

My son didn't see him either, Ralph. I left you a note on your post re the scheduling.

Quintarantino, i'm sorry. I forgot to post first, get on the list 2nd. My SWF is now up there.

I was sure you would post one, Dianne and as for your car, mine will probably be back to being very noisey soon. it's inevitable.