Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I told you Blogger doesn't like me. No matter what I do to change the date on this post, it will not let me do it. I give up. Let it publish today.


You seem to like Ric Masten's poems. I do too. Now that he is no longer with us, I believe I will print a few more of them.


if freedom
is nothing more

than being able to chose
your own cage
as I suggest it is
then perhaps
the fun comes
in being
an escape artist

in recognizing
the cage you are in
deciding how long
you will settle for it
and then
when you want out
seeing how clever
you are at slipping
through a space
in the wire

the good life
the full life
is nothing more
than every once
in a while
pulling yourself
through a hole
in the roof
standing triumphantly
looking down
with a "hot damn"
and then around
with a frustrated
"oh, no, not again!"


kenju said...

Does this guy have a book? I tried to view the link and all it did was shut down my computer. I like this poem too!

Kathie Brown said...

Bobbie, what a great poem! Thanks for sharing it with us!

bobbie said...

Hooray! I'm on my blog and into my comments!
Yes, he has written books. I'm sorry you couldn't get to the link. It comes up every time for me. Try:
Gee, I hope you can get that off the comment page. I'll try putting it on my blog later. Or if you want to give me your email, I'll send it.
He's written: I Know It Isn't Funny But...I Love to Make You Laugh - and Ric Masten Speaking - and Stark Naked - and Voice of the Hive. He's also done one with a Dr.Larry Lachman re his cancer. Another with a Photographer called Pacific Light

bobbie said...

sorry - that's, not lnet.