Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I feel all at loose ends today. Can't seem to concentrate on anything.


There was, allegedly, a meteor shower this morning before dawn. I woke up early, as usual, and remembering what I'd heard about the sho
wer, pulled on my clothes and hurried out to the back deck. Didn't see a thing. Very disappointing.


I read that Autism Awareness Month is being extended. (Exactly how do you extend a month?) Well, it's a good thing to extend a period of awareness. But then I read that it will give us an opportunity to raise more money. I guess I am incredibly naive. Somewhere in the back of my mind sits the awareness that money is a huge issue in any cause. But I honestly never once gave a thought to money when I was pushing for Autism Awareness. My concern is that people come to a better understanding of the problem and the people.


I'm growing oh, so weary of the media's pretense at concern over what the antics and the clothing styles of young starlets must be doing to influence the thinking and behavior of our own teenage and pre-teen daughters, all the while exploiting the heck out of it.

Sorry. As I said, I'm just in a mood, and my mind k
eeps jumping from one thing to another.


Yesterday I went to the pharmacy to pick up couple of prescriptions. The young woman behind the counter told me, in a completely disinterested tone, that my prescription card had expired, so it would cost around $400. Well, I know that m
y card does not "expire", I was all paid up on my plan, and my former employer, who is the source of this card, had not changed companies for coverage. She told me that this sort of thing happens when "someone pushes the wrong button" so, did I want the prescriptions or not? - Not - I drove to the former employer's office to find out if "someone pushed the wrong button". They had. It took a while, but eventually got straightened out. But all along the way, no one but me seemed very concerned about the whole deal. My prescriptions were not anything threatening life or death. But someone else's could have been! Why are people not concerned?



Well, enough of This and That! The weather is beautiful and the flowers are in bloom.
I have a pot of calibrachoa on my front step under the hummingbird feeder. The hummers like it very much.

The azaleas seem to be very
beautiful this year, don't they?

And the wisteria is just gorgeous!

So maybe I should try to shake off this strange mood and get out there and see what this day may have to offer.


Crayons said...

It sounds like a really bad day. I'm sorry it all happened in such a short time. The worst, I think, is the indifference of the person behind the counter. It's just so unecessary. I like your response to the situation. Go out and find something beautiful.

nonizamboni said...

What a day, all right! Several people I ran into yesterday felt the same way--maybe some sort of atmospheric thing. The indifference factor is so frustrating to me. Glad you found a way to get around the circumstances and gave me a good idea for today--to find some beauty.
Happy Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

A little something else to shift that mood, Bobbie? You're about three weeks ahead of coastal, north of Boston, MA. Mid-May's the earliest that we can set out annuals, with the truly safe frost date being May 30th.

I'm grateful for your splendid visions of the good things to come... they encourage me to get past the cold, rainy March-like weekend we just experienced. Today, the windows are open, as temperatures soar into the low sixties... Deb

KG said...

I have so much to say about this post but I'll limit myself to several thoughts . . .

1. I think all the hype about starlet clothes is stupid. It implies that girls are so dumb that they don't know the difference between themselves and a celebrity.

2. I hate dealing with any kind of health-care related issue. HATE!

Dianne said...

Amen to law student's #1

I'm sorry you're out of sorts but it sure makes for a fine post.

It's absurd that anyone would think you should pay $400 for your medicine because someone pushed the wrong button.

It is exhausting isn't it?

Unknown said...

Sorry, Bobbie, to not have time to read the others' comments, so forgive me if I'm repeating.

I get disgruntled and out of sorts by experiences such as yours at the pharmacy. When you do get someone who seems to give a care, you almost feel like giving them a big hug. I don't, of course, but I do tell them how much I appreciate their help and concern.

And regarding the fashions of starlets. Well, don't get me started! And how about how skinny girls are expected to be to look "good" in those clothes? Ugh.