Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Our town was really fortunate, if I'm to believe the television reports of the storm that blew in yesterday. I heard the thunder and the wild wind and rain during the night. It continued all day, and we saw terrible pictures of what was happening in towns all around us. Our landscape is littered with leaves and twigs and small branches, but nothing like those TV pictures. No terrible flooding, and we never lost electricity. Schools elsewhere were closed. Streets became streams. One shot showed horseshoe crabs stranded in the streets of Ocean City.

Further south of course, the situation is much more serious. And the reports of the earthquake in China are horrendous. Yes, we are very fortunate.

But the hummers continued to come to the feeder.

I am always amazed that something so small can withstand the kind of wind and driving rain such as we had. I took these pictures through a rain streaked window. I kind of like them. Surreal.


KG said...

My parents used to get tons of hummingbirds at their house, and then suddenly there weren't anymore. I don't know where they went, but it seems like development (or heat/global warming) chased them off. Anyway, I miss them.

Dianne said...

we were even luckier up here. a bit of local ponding, not even flooding and some minimal wind damage.

love the hummer shots, they're like watercolors.

Kathie Brown said...

Bobie, glad you weren't hurt! I can't beleive the reports of the earthquake in China or the devastation in Burma. I find it ironic that our government is chiding them for not letting us help more, but where were they during Katrina. We, too, had images of bodies floating in the streets. Perhaps if New Orleans was a third world country our government would have responded sooner! Hummingbirds are amazing, aren't they? A symbol of hope after such a storm.