Friday, July 18, 2008

In Their Boots -2

Just in case my earlier post got lost in the shuffle when Sky Watch overwhelmed it:

In Their Boots is a weekly program -- 7:00pm EST -- Wednesdays -- On Line. You will find it at

The second episode is online now. It is a very moving video about an Iraq War vet - a marine - who was seriously wounded. It tells his story and that of his family. This wonderful man will spend the rest of his life struggling with his disabilities. It is an inspiring story of the bravery of a veteran and of his parents and his sister. I urge you to watch.

I found the link when I read, as I do every day, The Pagan Sphinx . She does the research for us and keeps us aware of what is going on. Don't know how this woman manages to do it all. I am in awe.


Judy said...

Bobbie, I will check this out. Sounds interesting. I still think about you hearing those noises. Maybe you could put a tape recorder up there and try and get them on tape. That would drive me crazy until I found out what was causing it. Maybe, you have a ghost???

Dianne said...

I saw the first post and I had heard about this program from one of the VFW guys.

It was one of those times Bobbie when I was could not come up with anything worthwhile to say.

All this pain and carnage mixed with true human stories just leaves me humble and heartbroken.

bobbie said...

There are many times when we just can't come up with anything. And it's usually at a time when we want so much to say something. Can't do it.
The thought of what is going on and the human suffering it causes is just overwhelming.

Unknown said...

I know how you feel. I become so overwhelmed, I can't even be angry sometimes. The best I can offer is resources, as it makes me feel less paralyzed.

Thank you for linking to In Their Boots.

P.S. I'm having slight trouble getting my posts through on your blog. Not sure what's going on. I hope you get this one.