Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More about the Protest

I see that the networks did report on the protest against Michael Savage and his rant about autism and asthmatic children. I also learned that in Mississippi, one network (seven stations) dropped his show entirely. Just wish more would do that.

Already there is a cry about freedom of speech. I'm all for freedom of speech. What would I do if it weren't for freedom of speech? But there is such a thing as discretion, and a harangue against children, or against anyone who is suffering from a physical problem, just isn't done.

Here is a link my daughter, Ruth, from New York, sent me today. it includes a short video of the protest and a doctor speaking briefly about diagnosing autism.


Kelly said...

Bobbie, I read the Raw Story article that your daughter sent you. I was so outraged that I left a comment on their site. I was so offended by so many things he said including "crying like a girl" that I expressed my freedom of speech!

Thanks for making us aware of his ignorance and lack of humanity! I will continue my part in getting the word out!


I will e-mail you a copy of what I wrote if you want it...

bobbie said...

Thanks for your comment, Kelly. There are a whole lot of people out there who are outraged. I guess stations like WOR in NY make money from these "shock shows". Mr. Savage is a pretty nasty person I understand. NJ doesn't get his syndicated show, so I've never heard him. I'm glad at least some station managers have decided not to air his shows any more.

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hello! I read the article that Ruth sent and watched the video. I also went to You Tube to see if it was on there yet. I was only able to find a portion of his show. It was disgusting.

Ah yes. Freedom of speech. Well that only applies for some and not all. If that was you or me,(Not that we would ever do something like that), we would be fired and hanged. I am all for Freedom of speech, but when you are an asshole and speak on subjects you know nothing about, that freedom should be taken away. Not something to hide behind. And you should be held accountable. All stations that broadcast him(asshole) should pull that show. And Mr. Asshole should be made to walk in the shoes of parents with an autistic child.

And yet another thing. I blame the news and radio networks for most of the shit happening today. There are a lot of morbid people out there that like this sort of shit and this is who the news and radio networks cater to. I was talking to a gentleman in work today. He like me only watches a couple minutes of news a day. He said "I wish they would show a half hour of only good and happy news." I wish this too. Lisa

Unknown said...

I saw this given some coverage on the news yesterday. Mr. Savage tried to defend himself and yet I can't forgive him for his crassness. He said something to the effect that 99% of diagnosed autism is incorrect. What???? Where in the world did he dredge up that statistic?

I have worked with several autistic children over the years. There is a continuum of severity but I have yet to see a child with an autism diagnosis that didn't deserve the special services and interventions the condition deserves. It doesn't take a doctor even. Parents and teachers can see how these kids are different. Different and wonderful. They have more to offer, in many cases, than society gives them credit for or allows them to contribute. It's a sad indictment of our society and not the children and adults who have to battle this dissability.