Saturday, July 5, 2008


It isn't very often these days that I manage to get these old bones moving early enough to catch the sunrise, even though I do believe that it is the best part of the day. Today I did it.

Even during 4th of July weekend, at 6:am you have the streets pretty much to yourself. Only the fishermen venture out at that hour.

I drove down to Cape May. It was a cloudy morning. No brilliant red and gold in the sky. But I thought it was pretty. I stopped first along Route 109 at the spot where fishermen had pulled up in their pick ups and set out on their party boats for the day. Mos
tly tourists. I really couldn't find much elbow room there, so I went on down the road to the Fishermen's Memorial. There, I was alone. No party boats. Just a few sail boats riding at anchor.

The lovely statue of the widow and children stood with me, watching the sun struggling to rise through the clouds.

It was very peaceful and quiet. As much as I love
people, I also love my solitude, and really appreciated that peace.

I haven't been down to the Memorial for quite a while. There is also a large marble monument where the names of all of the Cape Ma
y fishermen lost at sea have been inscribed. I see that their families and friends have been bringing small tokens to leave, as they would at graves in a cemetery. Many more names than I remember.

There are now daisies, lilies, and several other flowers planted around the statue. Really lovely. Someone has done a beautiful job here. The garden had not been planted the last time I was here.

I enjoyed my quiet visit, and as I drove home, the sun did make a valiant attempt to break through.

It almost succeeded for a short time.

Later in the day it did manage - at least for a while. Maybe it will stay with us long enough for the yard sale across the street to be successful.


Dianne said...

beautiful shots bobbie. Especially the statue shrouded in shadow, very dramatic!!

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hello! Even though there wasn't much of a sunrise this morning, you still captured some very nice pictures. I love the sailboats mourned in the harbor. Lisa

pts said...

excellent photographs!

KG said...

Those are fantastic photos . . . I am impressed you can get out at that hour. Even though I'm often up around 6, the thought of being dressed and out of the house by then makes me shudder!

me ann my camera said...

Your description of the early start to your day sounds very enjoyable. I think I heard the water lapping on the shore in all the quietness surrounding you.

Unknown said...

It is such a rejuvenating thing to get up at sunrise and see the early morning, regardless of the weather. I always feel that my need for sleep deprives me of these experiences. Thanks for inspiring me to wake very early and go out into the natural world, one of these days soon.


Unknown said...

P.S. Lovely photos; my favorite being the sun struggling through the clouds in the harbor. It really illustrated well what you wrote about the weather.