Friday, July 18, 2008

It's Back

Yes, it's back - as mysteriously as it disappeared. My counter is back. It's really with thanks to Kelly, who gave me a couple of links that led me back to the counter. I tried again to get it onto my sidebar, and this time it worked.

Kelly is a treasure. She is not just interested, she goes to work and finds a way to make it happen. I really appreciate your help, Kelly, and more then that - I appreciate the fact that you care.

I am not going to add the Iraqi counter, simply because there is no way to guess at the numbers there. It is overwhelming.


mrsnesbitt said...

Hi Bobby, thanks for the comment on my blog regarding my skywatch pictures.
Check out my blog, you may be interested in ABC Wednesday. We start a new round on Wednesday, starting with A!

buke said...

Hi Bobbie, I got your link from Kelly. I love your blog and I am happy you got the counters to work! Keep on bloggin'!

bobbie said...

Thanks for stopping by, Bukester. By rights, I should have given you credit too because I got your link from Kelly, and it was through that I got the counter back.

Kelly said...


We all need to thank you for bringing to our attention these statistics, and for posting these facts and the information! Thank you for giving me credit, but it is you who deserves all the credit!

It is easy to sit back in our air conditioned homes and easily forget at what cost we are able to be afforded these luxuries!

There are so many of us that are so very PROUD of YOU!! Our greatest admiration and praise go out to YOU!!!

Let's hope that all of your hard work continues to make a difference! I know that it already has in so many friends, family and other peoples lives that I know and I'm sure in thousands or more of our bloggers lives!

We're all so Proud of You!! Keep up your important work! We're behind you all the way!!


bobbie said...

Kelly, you are very kind.

Anonymous said...

Tell me about it. There are so many different figures. There is no way of actually knowing which are correct.