Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Big Surprise for Grandmom

Some time ago I had sent Isaac a book I made by pasting pictures of trucks and construction equipment onto construction paper. He was crazy about trucks and things, and I thought he might enjoy this. Soooo...... he has responded.

(I did not want to deconstruct this book, so if you click on the photos it will enlarge them, but don't expect great quality, since the photos are in plastic covers. I only copied a few pages.)

I had a wonderful surprise today! The mailman brought me a big envelope from Isaac. When I opened it, I found a loose leaf notebook titled "A Day In the Life of Isaac". It was full of pictures, showing me how he spent his day. He had printed the cover himself, and his mother had helped by printing explanations beside each photo.

I had so much fun, seeing how he had spent the day! There he was in his pajamas, getting up in the morning. He showed me how it looked outside of his front door. (It was a foggy morning.) He took a picture of Banyan Bunny, who he sleeps with, and showed me a shirt they are making for his Dad, decorating it with fish and islands and seaweed.

Then there was a picture of Isaac, all ready to go to pre-school, and one taken from the top of the hill near his house.

There were pictures of him with his school friends too, and how he showed them a big red scarf that he juggles with. He let them have turns trying to juggle. He showed me a picture of himself with his teacher, and another of a beautiful cactus blooming in her yard. When he came home from school, he picked the first ripe strawberry from their garden. He decided to give that to his babysitter.

A little later, he went to a friend's house to play. And then it was nap time.

When his Dad got home from work, they went to the Farmers' Market. Here are some of the things he saw there, looking down from his perch on Dad's shoulders. They ran into some of their friends there too.

They went to a restaurant for dinner that night. Silly kid! When he spilled some catsup on his hand, he just dipped his french fry into it.

Then, home to bed. Dad read him his story before he went to sleep.

His book ended with a picture of his cat, Emily, waiting for her dinner.

Thank you so much, Isaac. Grandmom really enjoyed her book!


Kay said...

This is so sweet and precious! It took a lot of time and love to put that together for the grandmom they love.

kenju said...

How wonderful for you - but wonderful for him that you sent his book. He will treasure that clear into his old age!!

I made something similar for my son during his first year of life. It was an alphabet book; I did the lettering and pasted pictures from magazines for each letter. I gave it to him several years ago - he is now 43. HIs wife and children were amazed that I still had it.

Kathie Brown said...

Bobbie, I love that big smile on your face. There is nothing like a gramma's love and nothing like a grandchild's either. This is so wonderful and I am glad you both have each other.

Michele said...

Oh boy, what a truly wonderful picture book gift to receive... I bet that really made you smile from ear to ear!! What a wonderful treasure to receive and to hold forever!! =)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful gift to receive in the mail. And it looks like Isaac had a fun day!


Hey Harriet said...

You are obviously a very well loved Grandmom for sweet Isaac to do that. What a wonderful gesture from a little boy, and how lucky you are. The book is gorgeous! Hey maybe Isaac could start his own blog along the same lines? A Day in the life of Isaac blog? How cute that would be! :)

Celeste Maia said...

Your Isaac is a boy who could touch heaven! He certainly thouched his grandmother and all your readers.
What a delightful book he sent you, he is so imaginative. I cant think of a gift I would like more from my grandchildren. Thank you for sharing.

Dianne said...

It's a treasure!!

Daryl said...

What a treasure and what a creative kid!

KG said...

What a WONDERFUL idea. Kids LOVE to make their own books - I may recycle this idea for my parents when my kid is a little bit older. What a fun keepsake for you! I bet you read it 100 times!

Sylvia K said...

That is such a happy, beautiful gift for Isaac's Grandmother! And what a treasure -- so full of love and happy times! I know that's something you will look at time and time again and the newness, the joy, the love will only increase with each visit to those pages! So very happy for you, Bobbie! That is a treasure!