Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Think Green Thursday

Please join us at Think Green Thursday. Share with us some of the soothing greenery in your life, or suggest some way that you have found to help to preserve our environment or the creatures in it. Many thanks to Michelle, who brings us this meme each week, and to Gina, whose ideas began the whole thing.

There is a commercial I have seen several times lately on TV which suggests that painting the walls in your home a soothing color will calm even your rambunctious children, and turn them into quiet and well behaved little angels. The picture it presents is ridiculously exaggerated of course. But it is true that our tension and anxieties can be miraculously quieted when we find a place to spend a little time surrounded by nature's lush green.

I am very grateful to Mother Nature for her restorative power when I have felt exhausted by stress, and I am eager to find ways to make sure our world remains as beautiful as it is today. It has changed drastically in my lifetime. I do remember, as a child, playing in the fields and woods and along the streams, never suspecting that within a few years the landscape would change so much as to be unrecognizable. That is what has happened to my old neighborhood.

I have since found other places to visit near my present home that give me the pleasure of quiet and peace. But I have watched changes come to this area too in the past thirty-some years, and know that if they continue as they have, it won't be long before these places of sanctuary, too, will be gone. I may not be around to see it, but my children and grandchildren may not have the beauty and peace that I have known.

A sobering thought.


Sylvia K said...

I was thinking some of the same thoughts, Bobbie, as the kids and I hiked along the beautiful trails on Whidbey Island last week. I am glad that I got to enjoy the beauty with them and I, too, wondered -- how much longer will this precious and beautiful gift of nature survive?

Beautiful post!


Dawn Fine said...

great post Bobbie..
we really all should appreciate what nature gives us.
It certainly helps us..sure hope we can help it...and take care of it ...

thanks for your post

Celeste Maia said...

My street is called Ceder Street. This area used to be a huge ceder forest, according to the old photographs I found in the local library. Now there are about 10 trees left, giving great shade and a soft sushing sound when the breeze is stronger, very soothing.
My grandchildren and I go to an area some kilometers away to plant trees and creat a park. They will see the results - I hope - in about 20 years, and they will be proud of what we are doing now.

KG said...

I've seen that commercial! Somehow I just don't think it would work on my 2 year old ...

Daryl said...

As always, you are the voice of reason and your Green posts are always an excellent reminder of what needs to happen ... or else

Anonymous said...

LOL! I do remember seeing that commercial. ;-)

Mother Nature does have a way of calming us down, though. Love your Nature shots, here.


Crayons said...

Hi Bobbie,
This is a beautiful post. I agree that nothing helps find inner peace more than contact with green Mother Nature.

I, too, wonder about the next generation. Some of my young friends are pretty feisty and radical about preserving green space.

One thing that I love about your blog is your gratitude, which is rivaled (spelling?) only by your humility. Are these generation specific?

Also, I've been a terrible blog friend of late. My el-cheapo DSL is working better now. I intend to visit you more often.