Friday, January 29, 2010

Update on Isaac

You may remember a picture I published a short time ago of my grandson planting peas in a little raised bed that his father made (at Isaac's request) from his old sandbox.

The peas are sprouting now. Fourteen seedlings have put in an appearance! He looks pretty proud of them.

His latest thing seems to be magic. He is fascinated by magicians, and has decided to give it a try himself. Here is is showing his disappearing dollar trick to a rather unimpressed audience.

He's growing up so fast! Almost five years old now!


Daryl said...

Adorable and who better to practice on than one's sleeping cat ..

Unknown said...

Hey, I'm first today!

What a beautiful kid. Sigh. Lucky you (his family) to have him and he to have you.

I loved the photo of Isaac trying out his magic on the cat. My girls once put on a magic show at a huge backyard talent show. It was so much fun helping them prepare! Good memories! :-)


Lisa (Mountain Photog) said...

He's such a cutie! I bet he'll be a great gardener.

Dianne said...

I love that he's so proud of his garden :)

the unimpressed cat made me laugh
I bet inwardly the cat was amazed

kenju said...

He's really cute, Bobbie!

karin said...

I love your posts about Isaac. It's always wonderful to read your posts because you seem to have your head together (unless you don't ever use your blog the way some of us to do to lament about our regrets)

Rambling Woods said...

How sweet he is and I love that he is learning about plants.. and I used to play with our cats like that when I was little. He is also learning how to be kind to animals. Another future good person for this world and we need them... said...

Isaac is so adorable!
My son was into magic for awhile too. It was so much fun watching him master his illusions.
I used to bring him to magic shops on Long Island & In Manhattan where he could get tips from the working pros.
They loved sharing their experience with a youngster.

me ann my camera said...

Good Morning Bobbie, speking of magic, that is whst little four year old grandsons are. I have one, he's slmost 5, I also have 3 and 5 year old grandsons. It is amazing what they have learned of the world in such a short time.Your little grandson looks so happy and handsome.My little 4 year old guy plants pumpkin seeds each year and he loves lighthouses and maps and collecting the American states quarters. Welcome to February! We're a little bit closer to spring now. Its sounds like you got a bit more snow on the weekend.
Thsnks for your support of my blog. It is much appreciated. Ann