Thursday, February 11, 2010

After the 2nd Blizzard

Dare I say it? These are the LAST snow pictures. More snow coming on Monday, but not a blizzard. Two in one week were quite enough.

The top of the steps from my back deck.

Part of the front of my property, after the street was plowed.

On down the street.

But we did not lose electric this time around! High wind, but not so much snow as the first one.


Dianne said...

I'm so glad you didn't lose power this time
the storms seem to have reversed this time around
Saturday we got less than the south, Wednesday we got more
Jeffrey is in a foul mood from all the shoveling

Daryl said...

Makes my slushy icy intersections look positively spring-like

Lisa (Mountain Photog) said...

Oooo, it looks so frosty! At least you had power this time around. :) I'll keep my fingers crossed that you won't get any more big dumps like the last two.

agreenearth said...

That looks so cold. Pleased you did not lose your power.

Christine Gram said...

Actually, this looks awesome! Love it. My kid's favorite bedtime story is about the little house that got buried in the snow. The family has to first dig tunnels... fun fairy land right there for you.

Anonymous said...

You look to have a bit more snow than our 10-12 inches. We had wind later and that drifted what we did get. Our streets look about the same. I am tired of it and I think most around here are except the granddaughter, Audrey, whose school has been shut down for 4 days because of it.

Isn't that bumblebee something else. In that portrait of it on the cone flower, it is almost like one of those "glamor shots" the ladies around here get to tease their husbands with. lol

Rambling Woods said...

So many states with snow..this will be a record breaking winter season for many but not Buffalo....Michelle