Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Toon Family

Did I ever introduce you to my 'toon family? I've been doodling around again, and have got them all together.

Of course you know my own toon. It's on the sidebar with my profile.

My oldest is Ruth. She has two children, Lisa and Joey. I did Lisa's toon on her birthday last fall.

Then comes my son, Joe. He is married to Jan and has two step children.

His step daughter is Monica, married to Jim.

And they have two boys, Jimmy and Joey. Joey is growing fast. I'll have to do a new one of him soon.

And step son, Frank. He's still a bachelor.

Then comes my second daughter, Rita. The cats are her kids.

And the youngest is Kitty, married to Mike. Their son is Isaac.

And then there is my "other daughter", Lisa, and her "Baby".

And of course, Wyetta, who is like a dear sister to me.

I really enjoy making toon strips for them, or just of them. It amuses me. I save them for myself, but often delete them from because strangers wouldn't understand them and they would think they are pretty stupid, if they are just family stuff. I also make the occasional one using other friends or fictional characters. If I make one of a rant about something that annoys me, or a funny one, I'll leave it to be seen by others, but I really like doing my family best.

How did he get in there?


Maia T said...

Nice, big family. I can imagine how proud you are of each of them. said...

they are all wonderful Bobbie! You are making me think of starting to "toon"!
The snowman is great, made me lol!

Daryl said...

You are so toon-ically creative ..

Anil P said...

Wonderful family, Bobbie. Such nice character you've brought into your rendition of the toons.

Rambling Woods said...

I love these..what a great idea, but you have the talent for it Bobbie. Don't worry about what others say. Your friends and family enjoy them and that is all that counts...hugs.. Michelle

blah said...

i love these. you nailed everyone.