Saturday, February 27, 2010

Times They Are A-Changin'

Most of us have seen this cartoon before. It does speak volumes, doesn't it? We have been abusing our earth for a long, long time. It seems to me that Earth is striking back.

It's been a rough winter. The latest series of storms in the U.S. has most of us exhausted, physically and emotionally. And they say it will be a very wet spring. We will be looking forward to summer, but what will we find then? I'm sure I will be gasping for relief from the heat and humidity. What a sad picture I'm painting. I sound like a real pessimist, and that is not what I have been for most of my life - quite the opposite. Is it old age, or is it just a more realistic look at things?

Well, this time, in our little corner of the world, we lucked out. The terrible storm that I see did hit so many places very hard did bring us extremely high winds, but very little snow. And we didn't lose electric power this time. That wind did some weird things. At my house, it kept my front walk clear, but two houses down, my neighbor had to shovel out a couple of times. And while we had only light snow showers, up in New York my daughter emailed yesterday that they had 18 inches and it was still snowing hard. She said it had poured rain all the previous day and then froze at night. We had none of that.

After the first two blizzards, I drove up the Parkway and saw so many trees uprooted and branches down. The same was true in our neighborhoods. So sad.

Nature goes in cycles, and we know we have to expect extreme weather every so many years. But we have been ignoring the obvious results of our actions for so long, selfishly placing profit above all else, blinding ourselves to the needs of the very Earth and of Humanity. Are we ever going to wake up?

OK. Enough gloom and doom. It's just two weeks until Spring! Let's plan the garden and see if we can't be more positive in attitude and action from here on.


Sylvia K said...

I know exactly how you feel, Bobbie. We've been so lucky here this year -- the warmest on record and last year we had more snow than they've had here in over 50 years. Who knows what next year will bring???? But for now, everything is already blooming here and the colors gorgeous. Ah, but who knows what the next season will be???? Have a great weekend and stay warm!


Anonymous said...

Bobbie - I think we've been abusing nature for too long and it's going to hit us back. Of course, there are natural cycles to these things but it's certainly getting freakish. Add the apparent rise in earthquakes and these seem like strange times. Still, Spring IS coming - so let's dance!

karin said...

The weather goes in cycles and it seems we do to. I remember the seventies and recycling and smaller cars and zero population growth. Who knows what comes next. Maybe Issac should learn Chinese.
Yat Yee Sum Say In Lo Dot Bot or something like that. That was me trying to learn Chinese back when Mao was still considered a good guy.

me ann my camera said...

I have been wondering how you hsd been fsring with this recent round of wild einter weather. We were not hit too bdly either. Spring, only two weeks away, can such a blessing be true, thst it will come our way?! Just imsgine,the ending of this ice and sbow season.. How I long for the return of warmer weather. Song birds , butterflies and wild flowers. I think I saw a robin in my yard yesterday. Ann said...

Oh Bobbie! I too know how you feel! Not to mention another earthquake this morning.
Your daughter experienced the same thing we did over in my neighborhood. But I feel more positive knowing tomorrow is the last day of February. Even though we have been known to have severe weather in March it always feels like a light at the end of the tunnel.
I like your pretty flowers Bobbie.
: )

Hey Harriet said...

Yes the weather is absolutely crazy. We experienced drought for many years & after a good drop of rain last year our high level water restrictions were finally lowered. Still have to be careful with our water usage because rain is still a rarity here. Then we had flash flooding in parts of the city last week. Parts of the country are experiencing the hottest temps ever recorded for this time of the year. And this morning here on the east coast of Australia we were on Tsanami alert. And all of the whacky weather you guys have been having is scary. Mother nature is not happy with us...

Ok, now I've ranted, I'll try to be positive like you and look forward to some regular kind of weather :)

christopher said...

Glad to come across your site. I admire the artistry of your doodles and the topics that you choose...certainly be back for a another visit.

Rambling Woods said...

I had not seen that..I may have to borrow it as it speaks loudly as to what is going on..I too am very weary of winter..but the birds are telling me that spring in on its way... Michelle