Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thinking Green Thursday

Michelle hosts Thinking Green for us each week. She lives on the east coast of the United States, in New York. I think she is someone I would really like to know better. Michelle stepped up when it became impossible for Gina, the founder of this meme (and another really super lady) to continue hosting. Michelle had some doubts about doing it, but wanted to try. She still has some misgivings because there are not a huge number of people who participate each week. But it is such an important part of our lives today. Selfishly, I hope that she will continue the project because I so love reading her posts at Rambling Woods Green. I also love all of her other posts at Rambling Woods - The Road Less Traveled. They are beautifully written. Michelle's talent for research into her subjects and her beautiful photography surpasses most I have seen. The natural world is dear to her heart.

It is true that very few participate on a regular basis, and this is discouraging. It is a challenging meme, and I find it difficult myself. But it can bring us some remarkable ideas and interesting facts. One name we almost always see is Autumn Belle, who writes from Malaysia. I do look forward to her posts. It seems that her home is in a very environmentally aware area. (I only wish that I could say the same.) She is full of marvelous suggestions for going green. We also hear from people like Crafty Green Poet, and Green Earth and Me and My Camera and others from time to time.

Everyone who joins us, either occasionally or faithfully every week, obviously loves and is concerned for Planet Earth. Some simply post a single photo of their beautiful world. These photos tell their own stories so eloquently.

I often feel that my own efforts are very inadequate, but I want to keep trying. The only way that we will save our world is to keep trying, and to support and encourage one another in our efforts. Please join us from time to time.

5 comments: said...

I agree Bobbie, every effort counts no matter how small. Sometimes just one added action can turn the tide.
I do find this meme challenging too, but maybe just a photo of nature is sufficient to direct people to the meme in general.
Thanks for this post.

Daryl said...

I think your Think Green posts are always informative and more often eye opening .. so thanks for participating and sharing!

Maia T said...

Beautiful word Bobbie,we should care more about our environment. I go visit a few of the recommended sites

agreenearth said...

A great post and a great meme, thanks. Off to post there now.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Bobbie...ignore my other comment. I am happy to have anyone join that really has an interest in going more green. I have learned so much by reading other people's posts and I appreciate the effort that it takes to participate in this meme. I will be at it and invite anyone to who wants to....Michelle