Thursday, February 25, 2010

What? More of That Kid?

Indulge me. I'm a doting grandmother, and I like to post pictures of my grandson. It's about 4: in the morning, I'm awake, it's snowing again, and I just discovered more pics on Flickr from California.

Here's that boy again.

When he got home from visiting the other grandparents, he went back to school, where they celebrated his fifth birthday again.

No need to comment yet again on his birthday. I just like to see the pictures. Heck, there are three new pages of them on Flickr. I could post them all. (Don't worry - I won't do that. Enough already!)


Daryl said...

He is adorable and you should post them all .. I think he is a delight to see

Dianne said...

I think so too!
I love his expression holding the globe :)

Maia T said...

Yes, grandchildren are such a great joy.
He is a very sweet little boy, happy return of the day.

Unknown said...

What Daryl said!

Sylvia K said...

He is so adorable! Love that last shot! And you should post all of them! You have a right to be proud of him! Hope you have a great weekend, Bobbie!

Sylvia said...

All children should have such a doting grandmother!
Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing them.

Rambling Woods said...

You post all you want..I love looking at photos....Michelle