Monday, March 1, 2010

Another Name on My Blogroll

Someone new to me commented on one of my posts yesterday. I followed the link to his name and read a couple of his posts. I love it when I find someone who speaks out and who expresses so well what I have tried in my bumbling way to say.

Thanks for your visit Christopher. I see by comments on your posts that some of my blogger friends have already found you, and I must say you are in good company with them. I hope more of my friends find their way to you as well.

By the way, I really love your header photo!


kenju said...

Christopher does sound intelligent and I also love his header photo. You have a winner there, Bobbie.

Sylvia K said...

Glad you found Christopher! He does have a great blog! And he does express himself so well! Hope you have a great week, Bobbie!


Anil P said...

Thank you for pointing out Christopher's blog. The header photo is indeed striking.

Rambling Woods said...

Thank you..I will head over to take a look Bobbie...Michelle

Ralph said...

I'll pay Christopher a visit.