Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hawk's Nest

The first egg was laid in the hawk's nest yesterday. I had a suspicion when I went to view it, but wasn't sure. Today Lisa told me about it, and I went and checked the time line. Sure enough - March 13th was the day.

The second eagles' egg has hatched now, so we can get a look at the feeding process. That late afternoon sun is sometimes so bright that it can be a bit hard to see them.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comment on my bog. It made me feel a little better.
Regarding your hawks' nest, that is sooooo awesome, to be able to be a part of nature in such a profound manner. We live on a lake and are amazed at the new wildlife in springtime, (especially the pesky muskrat and his "wife"...)

Lindsey Petersen

Unknown said...

Excellent! May the babies crack open their shells with much health and vigor!

Maia T said...

You have your own hawk's nest? It is amazing to have such wonderful surroundings. Can't you take some pictures for us to see the babies without scaring them?
Thank you for your encouragement about waiting for spring, I hope it comes soon, as I am so tired of snow.

Daryl said...

Here's a link to a live webcam of a hummingbird sitting on eggs about to hatch

Dianne said...

I love how the people over there call themselves Hawkaholics!!

I couldn't get the vid to show right now but I'll try again later

Rambling Woods said...

It is fun to watch them isn't it..hopefully food will be plentiful for the babies...Michelle