Sunday, March 28, 2010

Just This and That

I am enjoying learning and experimenting with my new little Nikon, when it isn't raining. There is an unbelievable amount to learn about it. I haven't even installed the software yet, but since I am able to put the pictures into my computer without that, I haven't tried to figure it out yet.

I am anxious to learn about the macro setting. I made a first attempt at that. Not too wonderful, but I'll read more and get better at it - I hope.


All of this is distracting me from getting my tax form done. I usually have that out of the way by the end of January, but just couldn't make myself do it yet this year. Technically, I don't even have to submit a tax form, but it's needed if I want the State tax rebate, since that form is attached. From the sound of things this year, there won't even be a tax rebate if the governor has his way, so it may be a total waste of time for me anyway. This governor is slashing everywhere. I could be happy about that if it meant getting rid of wasted spending - and there is plenty of that. But he seems to be adding spending on the one hand, for those who need it least, while he is cutting funds for things like schools and libraries and the blind and other disabled.

Well, I guess I wouldn't be happy if I didn't have something to whine about. But I'm afraid this one will cause a whole lot of whining for the next four years. Might save me filling out tax forms though.

Wouldn't you think, since I am retired and have very little to do, that I could find lots of time to read books and blogs? Granted, my eyes won't let me read for long periods of time, but still... The camera does take up a lot of time of course. I do enjoy that more than anything. But the weather often prevents me from spending a lot of time on that. And yet I seem to be reading less and less. What on earth am I so busy at? I think I am just getting to be so old that I nod off, or sit and daydream too much. Soon they will have to find me a corner with a rocking chair.

Speaking of blogs, my friend, Singing Bear, from Wales has a question. He gives us much wonderful music on his blog, but is finding that many of the U-Tube videos are just too big to fit. How can he make them smaller? Anyone have an idea? Actually, he asked this a while ago, and may have found a solution, but I'm interested myself. Every once in a while I run into this problem. I see that many bloggers place videos on their posts and they are a very small size. How is that done?

Enough of this for today.


Dianne said...

it's funny (in a sad ironic way) how so many who voted for Christie thought he was a regular guy compared to their perception of "elite" Corzine

meanwhile he does what all Republicans do, he kisses up to corporations and bashes social programs and unions

one of his flock called education and healthcare "sacred cows" who would not longer be "untouchable"


enjoy the camera
it's fun learning and experimenting

Unknown said...

I already told him but I'm not sure if he read the comment - he can change his blog format. It's easy. I'll remind him and I can help with simple directions that I only recently discovered myself.

Christine Gram said...

Beautiful pictures... new cameras are fun to figure out.

When you click on the "embed" button on you-tube you'll see some options pop up about how you want it to look, including the size and whether or not it includes related videos.

bobbie said...

Thanks, Christine. I never noticed that.