Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Attention: New Jersey Residents

Our new governor is out to save money and "rescue" us from what he considers wasteful spending. Hey! I'm all for cutting out wasteful spending myself! But just what does he consider wasteful? We've all seen the commercials on TV protesting cuts to our schools in spite of his plans to cut taxes for the wealthy. Here's another one. If he has his way, many of our libraries will be CLOSING, and all of our libraries will have services cut drastically, including those to the blind and handicapped.

Click on this URL to take action now

Please at least go to this site and read all of the details. Find out just what services are in danger of disappearing, and decide for yourself whether you are willing to see them disappear.

And please spread the word before it's too late.


Daryl said...

I saw this coming, its too bad NJites elected him ... said...

Libraries closing? this is so sad.