Monday, March 29, 2010

Dear Old Cape May

Yesterday the sun did shine. It was breezy, but not too bad. Rita and I decided to take a ride down to Cape May City.

First, we saw flying fish above the beach.

Next thing we knew - Here come the Coasties!

You know, there is a big Coast Guard base here. When the Coasties are out in force, traffic stops and everyone watches them. And silly people
like me take pictures.


All the Bed and Breakfasts and hotels are getting spruced up for spring.

Don't think I'd be too happy living so close to my neighbors. Sometimes it seems like inches away. But their many colors are very cheerful.

They come in all shapes and sizes.

A lot sit high because of the flooding during bad storms. Others just seem to take their chances.

Some of these are actually private homes, but most are B & B's.

And of course, we rode on up to the Point. Here is what they call "a cottage" at the Point.


Chapter 2 of our Story:
Then we ended at Lily Lake. Found a very interesting sight there. First we saw a lovely swan.

Then we realized, the swan was chasing a goose. I have no idea what their problem was, but they seem to have had one.

That swan stayed right on the goose's tail. Started at the opposite side of the lake from us. Came across quickly, and the goose came up on the grass.

The swan never left the water, but the goose marched along the edge, and the swan followed closely, back and forth many times.

The swan sometimes looked as if it would come up on land, ruffling its feathers, but never did.

Eventually the goose entered the water again, and the chase was on, back to the other shore.

Never did find out why this was going on.

But we enjoyed our afternoon.


Dianne said...

this may be a repeat
Blogger wents nuts on my first comment

I was saying how good you're getting with the new camera
you really captured the action with the Coasties

Daryl said...

Nice shots .. those that show up, damn Blogger is making a lot of blogs photo-less today

kenju said...

What lovely old houses in Cape May. I've only driven through there, but didn't get to see the nice places like those.

LauraHinNJ said...

A have an idea about your swan v. canada goose fight... mute swans are really territorial and aggressive during the nesting season and tend to chase all the other waterfowl away. That's why they're considered a problem and something of a nuisance to *more desirable* waterfowl species.

Lovely pics of Cape May's beauties!

Frank Baron said...

I'm with Laura. Swans are very territorial. I've had them chase me away from prime fishing water. They can be quite imposing!

Rambling Woods said...

Sounds like it was over territory. All waterfowl get cranky at this time of year. I guess the swan was actually large enough to intimidate the goose....Interesting to see it.. Michelle

Lisa (Mountain Photog) said...

Lovely photos, Bobbie! What a great place to live. I love the fish kites!